Budaj’s new mask pays tribute to is racing idol Valentino Rossi

Peter Budaj’s new mask design comes to us thanks to inGoal Magazine friend Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt fame in Sweden. It pays tribute to his racing idol Valentino Rossi on one side and has some fantastic Avalanche graphics on the other. The rear plate again sports Ned Flanders from the Simpsons – Budaj is a devout Christian and I’m assuming has earned the nickname Flanders as a result.

New Goalie Mask Peter Budaj Colorado Avalanche

New Goalie Mask Peter Budaj Colorado Avalanche

New Goalie Mask Peter Budaj Colorado Avalanche

Check out all of Dave’s great work at DaveArt.com

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Images copyright and courtesy of Dave Gunarsson, All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to Peter Budaj’s 2009-2010 Colorado Avalanche Mask

  1. Nick says:

    Living in Colorado and being an Avs fan, I have to say this is Pete’s best mask yet. I like that he kept Ned on the back, and I thought the graphic of Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed was pretty impressive but this is a good design too. Unfortunately, until Buds gets a chance back in net this season, his mask will be the only thing better than Craig Anderson! Can’t complain though, Andy’s playing awesome for us.

  2. Amy Burke says:

    It’s nice to have a tribute on a mask, but for me, if someone has to explain what it is…I’m not liking it so much. A bit too busy for my taste. I prefer something bold that the fans in the stands can easily see, and tell what’s on the mask. Incredible artwork on some masks, but I prefer the simpler.

  3. smackdoogie says:

    i like that he put valentino on, but couldn’t he have put his newer motorcycle on the side? he hasnt been sponsored by camel for a few seasons now.

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