InGoal recently brought you the Penguins’ Marc-Andre Fleury’s 2011-2012 mask and we have just received his team mate Brent Johnson’s new lid from artist David Arrigo. As he does each year, the design is a Led Zeppelin tribute like last year, and Johnson’s 2009-2010 mask , but while he has made each mask reflect a particular album, this time Arrigo and Johnson went  slightly different route, “Johnny and I decided to create our own Zepp album cover,” Arrigo told us – and in our opinion it’s the best one yet.

brent johnson pittsburgh mask 2011-2012

What do you think? For more shots, visit Arrigo’s web site where you can catch all his great work.



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6 Responses to Pittsburgh Penguins Brent Johnson’s 2011-2012 Mask – another Led Zeppelin Tribute

  1. Nick H. says:

    I like the artsy side of this mask—it looks great. And wait for it, wait for it … here come the comments from the old-school, classic guys who won’t like the fact you can’t make out the details from the stands. Oh well! 😉

  2. Matt in Montreal says:

    I’m waiting patiently for Price and Budjai’s masks.

  3. Nick…Brodeur’s coming soon with a nice blend of detail and a design seen from the stands.

    Matt…spoke with Price’s artist today (David Arrigo) and we’ll have that one for you before long.

  4. Danny says:

    Hoping to see Varly, Jiggy and Desjardins marks’ soon. Especially Varly’s since he’s a Daveart customer and I personally think Dave’s work is the best out there right now.

  5. NaSmuriS says:

    I love that mask, anyone know what font is used there and what is on the right side?

  6. Joe Pack says:

    I guess I’m one of those “old school, classic guys”. Here’s my take on why bringing out a true character (and visibility) through a mask is essential.

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