Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie MaskWhen – or if – the National Hockey League returns to action, one thing is certain: Chicago goaltender Ray Emery will once again have one of the sharpest masks in the league, a look that fits perfectly with the Blackhawks’ iconic jerseys and Indian head logo.

Designed and painted by Emery’s long-time personal painter, Montreal artist, David Leroux of Diel Airbrush, the new mask is a slightly modified version of the mask the duo made popular last season, when they both chose to move away from Emery’s long-preferred boxing-themed masks.

Leroux changed the Indian chiefs depicted on both sides of the mask, added some effects in both the tribal lines and jersey lines on the chin, and put a double-headed Hawks logo on the chin to make the mask “even more symmetrical.” It was a nice, subtle renovation of a mask design Emery has declared his favourite, but it was almost a drastic rebuild instead.

Despite instructions to do something similar to last season, Leroux’s first attempt was a lot more mean looking, with two very aggressive, glowing-eyed skulls inside the feathered Indian headdress on both sides of the mask.

Unfortunately it was deemed a bit too aggressive for a Blackhawks that is careful to be safe and respectful in regards to its use of native american symbols. Leroux, however, liked it enough to keep the mask, and paint another for Emery to use rather than just starting over on the same canvas. That means not only can we show you pictures of the mask that almost was for Emery, but there’s a very good chance it will be for sale from Diel Airbrush at some point in the near future!

Enjoy the images of both masks below, and be sure to check out more of Leroux’s amazing work, including a Grim Reaper/Bible verse lid for Malcolm Subban, at his official website and on his Facebook page.

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

Ray Emery Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Mask

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7 Responses to Ray Emery’s iconic new Blackhawks mask – and one that almost was

  1. aaron says:

    Thats a pretty swag mask.Once again nice job david leroux

  2. Matt in Montreal says:

    Very-very cool!

  3. Francois says:


  4. paul szabo says:

    I agree that the 2nd version of the mask looks more noble and less controversial. I am not native but wish I could be if I could look that cool in a headress! Leroux’s use of monochrome in the main symbols is what I think really stand out- the emphasis is placed squarely on the graphic aspect and not on putting a bunch of color just for the flash (i.e. he took out the use of green and yellow for example).

    Too many modern helmets, in motocross, F1 and hockey, end up being a mishmash of colors and symbols and from far away you don’t see a thing you can recognize. This one, for me, is in the bold style of masks from previous eras, like Belfour

  5. BBH says:

    Both of them are amazing. I take inspiration from the first edition especially since the skulls look menacing, which is the type of concept art I like to create.

  6. Walter Doxtator says:

    I’m native dude from Canada this mask is sick so proud of my heritage and this mask.

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