Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (8 of 2)Jeff Zatkoff usually likes to keep things simple on his masks, mixing a blend of the team name and logos. But with the Pittsburgh Penguins in a Stadium Series game against the Chicago Blackhawks at Soldier Field, he decided to mix it up.

Zatkoff asked his personal artist, Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush, to add a puck-stopping cartoon penguin wearing brown vintage equipment and the Penguins Stadium Series jersey to the right side of his new Vaughn mask made by Pro’s Choice.

Add in the stars and silhouettes of trees in the background above that fierce looking penguin, and the new mask really captures the spirit of outdoor hockey.

“We also painted a carved stone wall on his mask and to create some depth in the design, and we added some outdoor stuff in the background: pine trees, and outdoor rink with kids playing hockey,” Marsolais told InGoal. “If you look closely you can also see some reflective snow flakes when the light hits it.”
The stylized Penguins logo for the Stadium Series is on the right side, and the Stadium Series logo is on the chin, while the backplate continues the “wall and trees” theme, with some personal touches added in.
Those include a cancer ribbon, a Miami University logo, and the words “El Lobo.”
“It’s a great story between him and his grandfather,” Marsolais said. “His grandpa got him his first paint job designed with two wolves and ‘El Lobo’ on it, meaning the wolf in English. Jeff used to have those two words on every mask after that time.”
Marsolais has tied those themes together beautifully. To see more of her work, visit the Sylabrush web site, or her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter. And to learn more about the mask made by Dom Malerba, who is pictured with Marsolais below, check out Pro’s Choice, who are also on Facebook and Twitter. For now, though, enjoy these close ups of Zatkoff’s new mask:
Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (1 of 6)
Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (3 of 6)
Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (4 of 6) Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (5 of 6)
Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (6 of 6)
Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (7 of 2)
Jeff Zatkoff Stadium Series Mask (8 of 2)
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