With the exception of the brief trial of a new mask last season, and the design he used for the Winter Classic, Tuukka Rask has been wearing the same helmet for three seasons now. In fact, artist Ron Slater, the man responsible for Rask’s paint told InGoal that “people see the mask and assume there is a problem with the paint because of the chipping they see – what they don’t realize is that is the same mask he’s been wearing for three years.” How would you expect a mask to hold up to NHL shooters for three seasons of games and practices?

So the man who doesn’t change often will be trying a new mask and design this season – and Ron has kindly sent InGoal a sneak preview. The artwork will once again be on a Pro’s Choice custom helmet. Tuukka likes the old look, so expect to see the new design well-rooted in the one he has worn for so long. It looks like Slater has tried to spice it up a bit with the use of glitter paint, which is finding its way onto more and more masks these days.

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Thanks to Ron Slater and RonSlater.com for the images.




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5 Responses to Sneak Preview – Tuukka Rask’s 2011-2012 Bruins Mask

  1. Matt in Montreal says:

    Yeah, nice chin and backplate ;P

  2. paul szabo says:

    Wow- if Rask could keep the same mask for that long, now I have some ammo for these kids I coach (including my goalie son) to stop clamouring for new gear and a paint job every year!!

  3. Nick H. says:

    The Fin … the Fin … the Fin is on Fire! Nice tease, fellsas. 😉

  4. Danny says:

    I love “Tuukka” on the backplate in the Metallica font, epic. Intersted in what the rest of the bucket looks like.

  5. RMB says:

    Not surprising that being from Finland Tuukka has great taste in music. :)

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