Dave Gunnarsson of Daveart.com  has created his fourth mask for Steve Mason of the Columbus Blue Jackets for the 2011-2012 season.

According to Dave:

“This time Steve wanted something really scary to show the horror of war. But scary in a new way, not just attacking monsters… I love to think outside the box. I see myself as much a storyteller as a painter. My idea was to create a scary feeling all over the mask and I came up with this calm theme, calm in a scary and disturbing way. Just silent and scary, a new kind.”


Although Mason has kept  Civil War imagery seen on his other Jackets masks (as shown above), it takes a more serious tone on his new mask . The left side of the mask features artwork highlighting the “horror of war.” And the presence of “Scary civil war skull soldiers give the design its name: SkullSoldiers.”  



The right side of the mask features a the Blue Jackets logo with one major change: the addition of stitches. These additional lines were added with the intent of  adding “even more scary and disturbing feelings” to the mask.


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One Response to Steve Mason’s 2011-2012 Columbus Blue Jackets Mask

  1. FlyersHottie says:

    This is my favorite of all the 2012 season masks I’ve seen so far, even my precious Flyers’. In this case, less is more… those stitches are sexy!

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