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Talbot Takes ‘Goalbuster’ Mask to Edmonton

Talbot Takes ‘Goalbuster’ Mask to Edmonton

Cam Talbot’s popular Slimer mask has been given a refresh ahead of the new NHL season.

Working with David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, the 28-year old has retained several features from his previous Ghostbusters mask, while adding some new flourishes ahead of his first season in Edmonton.

“Yep, the Goalbusters new spooky Oil bucket is here…” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “Slimer is all over the mask, of course in orange color, and he looks even more slimy than ever…”

Once again utilising Gunnarsson’s special G.L.O.W Tech FX, Talbot’s new mask still has a number of elements that will glow in the dark, as well as adding the Oilers logo to the chin cup, while the iconic Ghostbusters logo moves to the side

For more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork check out his website, Twitter feed, and Instagram. In the meantime enjoy some of these close ups of the new masks below:


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