Not long ago images of a Thomas Vokoun mask were circulating on Twitter and reported here at InGoal. Today we are able to bring you the official shots of Vokoun’s new helmet, courtesy of the most prolific artist in the NHL – Dave Gunnarsson of

Gunnarsson names all his designs and this one is being called the POTUS – or President of the United States – helmet.

“This design is a so called ”2 designs in 1”, a design style I have developed the last years. On a distance it’s a classic distinct old school retro design built on the cool logos of the Caps. When you come closer you discover a new dimension of detail work.

The theme of the mask is America. Capitals’ logos mixed with eagles in freedom and President Washington himself. Perfect theme for a Washinton Capitals mask design. In the design elements I have created motifs. In the mighty wings that spread over the sides of the mask I have painted motifs in dark blue tones with eagles in action, and in the white base, that gives a retro style, I have created motifs with eagles and President Washington. Motifs from dollar bills and coins. These motifs are painted in same tones as the background to melt in with the background from distance.”


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6 Responses to Tomas Vokoun Washington Capitals “POTUS” Mask

  1. Porelle says:

    Hands down the best mask of Vokoun’s career. At first glance it looks fairly plain but at closer look, there’s a lot of cool details in the white and light blue colours.

    Excellent Mask!

  2. Matt in Montreal says:

    Yep, I’ll say it again…

    Vokoun is gonna be Top 3 this year!

    Wikked mask.

  3. JS says:

    Yep its a solid mask design !!!

  4. Beautifully done, simple.. nice fine details and not too much flash. Well done Tomas and Dave.

  5. Rabidpandaofdeath says:

    Loving this mask, hes gonna look good hoisting the cup wearing this. GO CAPS!!!

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