Artist David Arrigo recently sent us an exclusive preview of the newest mask he was doing for Jason Labarbera – and we passed it on to all of our subscribers as the first of our exclusive pieces for those who follow us daily by RSS or email.

Today David sent us exclusive studio shots of the mask. It was going to be a longer project – until Jason asked for it to go on rush order because the WWE and Wrestlemania were coming to Phoenix! I can’t see an NHL goalie sitting in the crowd with his new WWE tribute lid on – so we have to assume Barbs will be meeting some of the guys and gals from the ring while they are there.

David’s quick description of the mask: “right side is Vince McMahon, Brett “the Hitman Hart”, chin is the Hitman logo, forehead: Coyote, left is Undertaker and Shawn Micheals.”

Wrestlemania Phoenix goalie mask

Wrestlemania Phoenix goalie mask

Wrestlemania Phoenix goalie mask

Wrestlemania Phoenix goalie mask

Wrestlemania Phoenix goalie mask
Wrestlemania Phoenix goalie mask

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9 Responses to Wrestlemania in Phoenix – Jason LaBarbera’s New Mask

  1. Logan Morgan says:

    As a former fan of the WWF this mask is painted well but man is it ugly looking.

  2. Garrett Ivester says:

    never been a fan of labarberas masks and this is no exception. the coyote looks terrible

  3. Robocock says:

    Metallica masks were horrible. This one is a step further in ugliness,Sad.

  4. darrigo says:

    Geeeeeesh, tough crowd! My main goal is that the client is more than satisified and I know Barbs is!

  5. Logan Morgan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the mask is painted well, I just hate the theme. Not a knock against the artist, just the player who wanted that.

  6. Sharir says:

    Absolutely Awesome! I am watching the Flames/Coyotes game right now and he’s wearing it… As a Bret Hart fan, this is great! I have always loved Labarbera’s Masks, always creative… Hopefully he meets up with Bret Hart, Undertaker, Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels and gets the mask signed after the season is over!!

  7. glenn says:

    faces never look good. Ugly.

  8. Ben J says:

    I hate this mask. My point is a bit biased though since I hate WWE.

  9. […] the same mask he’s been wearing since March of last season.¬† Labarbera had a special¬†customized WWE “Wrestlemania” mask¬†painted to commemorate WWE holding the company’s biggest annual event in Glendale, Arizona, […]

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