Brian's G-NETik Contest Winner Matt Beaudet padsChristmas is coming early for Matt Beaudet, the winner of InGoal Magazine’s Brian’s G-NETik contest presented by Total Goalie.

Beaudet, who plays high school hockey in New Hampshire, should soon receive this set of custom Brian’s G-NETik pads along with matching gloves after his win was announced by Canucks’ prospect Eddie Lack.

Brian’s new G-NETik equipment line is a hybrid alternative to last year’s popular Sub Zero gear. With a softer boot, the most flexible options stock at all three breaks – 3-3-3 in Brian’s speak – and knee rolls on both the outside and inside, the pad is designed for a reactive puck stopper that typically likes their pads to fit tighter on, and feel more attached to, their leg, both down at the skate and up at the knee. Add in an easy-to-close, puck-gobbling glove that had pros like Lack eager to keep prototypes late last season and there’s a lot for Beaudet to be excited about.

To learn more about the G-NETiks line, check out the online review with video, and be sure to read the in-depth break down in the October edition of InGoal Magazine.

In the meantime, enjoy these shots of Beaudet’s new pads:

Brian's G-NETik Contest Winner Matt Beaudet pads

Brian's G-NETik Contest Winner Matt Beaudet pads

Brian's G-NETik Contest Winner Matt Beaudet pads

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One Response to Brian’s Pad of the Week: InGoal Contest Winner Matt Beaudet

  1. Dan says:

    those are awesome pads! I tried out the new glove in a local store and was blown away on its comfort/ feel/ features.

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