Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-13The Philadelphia Flyers recent hiring of former goaltending great Ron Hextall as an assistant General Manager was perfect timing for regular InGoal Magazine equipment tester Aaron Slagman, who already had plans to feature the infamous goalie on his new mask.

Playing for an orange-and-black clad team named the Bullies when he isn’t testing new gear for InGoal – and sometimes doing both at the same time – a Flyers-themed mask paying respect to Philadelphia’s Broad Street Bullies squads of the 1970s made perfect sense for Slagman.

So he turned to Montreal artist David Leroux of Diel Airbrush with general instructions to include Flyers icons Hextall, Bernie Parent, Bobby Clarke and Dave “the Hammer” Schultz, as well as the “Bullies” team name, his No.1 on the chin, and a few personal touches on the backplate.

The results are stunning, with Parent and a scrapping Hextall worked subtly into Flyers logos on either side, and Schultz and Clarke featured prominently above them. (Yes, we are aware Hextall didn’t play in the 70s but are you going to tell him he doesn’t fit the image of the Broad Street Bullies?). The arrow on top of the mask, which contains small, shaded Flyers logos, was also a part of past masks Hextall wore in Philadelphia.

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, we won’t waste any more time describing them, other that to remind you that to see more great work from artist David Leroux please visit his Diel Aribrush web site and his Facebook page.

Enjoy these photos – we know Slagman and his teammates are enjoying having the best mask in the league:

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-13

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-1

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-2

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-3

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-4

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-6

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-7

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-9

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-10

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-11

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-13

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-14

Aaron Slagman Bullies Mask by David Leroux-15

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7 Responses to Flyers Bullies Mask has Parent, Hextall + more

  1. gary says:

    that is one fantastic mask! I love that imagine of of Schultz, but my favorite part has to be Hextall’s arrow on the top.

  2. Paul Ipolito says:

    I hated the Flyers, I hate them now, and I will hate them well into the future, but… that is one sweet mask!

  3. Brendan S says:

    Love this mask. Not a Flyers fan but I’m distantly related to Dave Schultz and from his home town. Never thought I’d see Schultz on a goalie mask.

  4. michael says:

    the best part is the arrow. i rocked the arrow, hextall’s original arrow mask but mine was red instead of orange. one of my sons plays goal and wants a new paint job. i’m trying to talk him into the arrow. this helmet has incredible art work in it. thanks for the article.

  5. Unfortunately this is not the mask either Ray Emery or Steve Mason will be wearing for the Flyers this year, but it’s very cool nonetheless. Instead it belongs to Aaron Slagman, who tests hockey equipment for InGoal Magazine, and apparently dabbles a bit between the pipes himself.

  6. Geoff says:

    I’m a Flyers fan through thick and thin and was a particularly big-time follower of the ‘Broad Steeet Bullies’ squad under the Fred Shero regime. The goalie mask is very, very cool and creative and an excellent way in which to lay memory to the stars of the Flyers team which won back to back Stanley Cups in the seventies.

  7. js says:

    THATS A AMAZING mask !!!!

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