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November 1 – 53rd Anniversary of Plante Donning the Mask

November 1 – 53rd Anniversary of Plante Donning the Mask

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(this post was updated to reflect the current date)

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the day that Jacques Plante first wore a mask in an NHL game. While not the first goaltender to wear a mask, this event was groundbreaking and paved the way for the use of masks by goaltenders today.

plante mask

Photo thanks to Skeezix1000 via Wikimedia Commons

On the 50th anniversary, InGoal presented a few pieces on the event. Reaching back into the archives you may enjoy reading:

Plante Makes History

Jacques Plante Wears the First Mask in an NHL Game

Jacques Plante: the man who changed the face of hockey – by Todd Denault

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  1. Dan

    that is so awesome. its the face of goalies!


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