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Viktor Fasth as Judge Dredd on new Ducks Mask

Viktor Fasth as Judge Dredd on new Ducks Mask

Viktor Fasth Anaheim Ducks Judge Duck 2013-14 mask rightViktor Fasth quickly established himself as a top-flight NHL goaltender after coming over from Sweden last season.

Thanks for long-time painter and fellow Swede  David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, Fasth is building an equally strong reputation for having the League’s best masks.

Fresh off the debut of his Guy Hebert tribute for the Ducks’ 20th anniversary, and after wearing a “Mr Bane Duck” mask last season, Fasth will soon be wearing a mask his artist dubbed “Judge Duck,” one based off the 1995 movie Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone.

“We strongly recommend, do not mess with Judge Duck because he is the law,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page, playing off Stallone’s catch phrase in the somewhat cheesy science fiction film.

“With this Anaheim Ducks mask put on, Viktor is transformed to not only a duck, he also put on the Judge Duck helmet.”

Judge Dredd movie posterGunnarsson has been painting for Fasth since the 1990s, when the latter was a kid and the painter had a studio in his mom and dad’s house.

“I can tell you this, I had extreme fun when I created this NHL piece for my buddy Viktor,” Gunnarsson wrote.

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork – for Fasth and countless others in the NHL and European pro leagues – on both his website and on his Twitter feed, but for now enjoy the close-ups of Judge Dredd … err Duck:


Viktor Fasth Anaheim Ducks Judge Duck 2013-14 mask left top


Viktor Fasth Anaheim Ducks Judge Duck 2013-14 mask left front

Viktor Fasth Anaheim Ducks Judge Duck 2013-14 mask top


Viktor Fasth Anaheim Ducks Judge Duck 2013-14 mask right


Viktor Fasth Anaheim Ducks Judge Duck 2013-14 mask Poster

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  1. Ian Wotherspoon

    I’ll begin this way “I haven’t got a clue who JUDGE DREDD is and in saying this I cannot talk about the character and who it repesents but I can say that here is another amazing paint job created on a Goalie Mask. Well done Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, you are definitely a master at what you create then paint. I will have to check out your website and see all the other masks you’ve painted.

    The thing I now want to do is see these masks in real life now that I’ve seen the photographs.

  2. DvDr

    there is a newer movie based on the comic book character Judge Dredd that was released last year and that movie did not suck and did the character justice. The character’s catch phrase is “i am the law” and it’s not necessarily delivered in the pathetic way Stallone did it. Just thought that this hockey art nerd would bring out the comic nerd as well…

    …and it’s nice to see a Daveart mask without the honeycomb logos in the background.

  3. Bleys

    Fantastic mask!
    And yeah, technically this is based either off the original comic or the Karl Urban remake of the movie, both of which are way better than Stallone’s.

  4. Warren Shapiro

    All I can say these goaltenders have such a creative mind what they put on there mask. Maybe the NHL should have a creative mind award for the most interesting mask. Each mask has a different thought behind it. Believe me it’s better than the plain white. So lets enjoy this art work.


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