W-Goaltending DVD SETInGoal Magazine is pleased to announce the winner of the W-Goaltending Instructional DVD set this week: Congratulations to Marshall Potter.

Marshall has won the complete three-part DVD set from W-Goaltending, featuring innovative 3-D graphics, game footage, split-screen examples, correct and incorrect boxes, as well as multiple camera angles.

If you didn’t win this time, be sure to visit W-Goaltending’s site today for more information on how to add this professionally produced instruction resource to your goaltending library, and look for more giveaways in future weeks.

The W-Goaltending series covering all aspects of the position – check out the video below for an overview – and does so through with Progressive Repetition, an approach that lead coach Corey Wogtech walked readers through in the last edition of InGoal Magazine, including a video with his student, NHL veteran Dan Ellis, to illustrate the points of each step.

Read more about Progressive Repetition here at InGoal, and then check out the DVD series preview video below:

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