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Cory Schneider’s New Retro Canucks Mask

Cory Schneider’s New Retro Canucks Mask


Cory Schneider took a shot recently in practice that made his sharp looking Canucks tribute mask unusable. The training staff needed a replacement for him in a hurry and they turned to Mark Hart of Hart Designs who has done work for the Canucks in the past to create a bold new look.

We’ve got some great shots of the mask as well as several of it as artist Mark Hart created the artwork. But first, take a few minutes to watch the video as InGoal’s Kevin Woodley spent some time chatting with Schneider today about the design:


Johnny Canuck intended to look like logo under the ice. Note skate marks on ice. Also can see in the retro mask portion the faux-fiberglass texturing.






Completed Mask


Mask Under Construction


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  1. Jeremie

    I always loved the original Curt Ridley Canucks mask, I have a replica in my hockey room at home. This new mask is cool that the artist included the weave texture, and NO ORCA!

  2. Matt in Montreal

    How long’s a ‘hurry’?

    That looks like it would take all week to finish.


  3. David Hutchison

    Matt, I believe he received it on a Thursday and had it finished by Saturday after some long nights!

  4. matt

    love love love this mask! the opaque ice surface look is a great swap for the creepy ears and hair look! cant get enough of this color scheme

  5. Scott

    Beauty mask! Nice touch on the logos under the ice.

  6. JS

    Very non original and pretty ugly at the sametime !
    You just cant recreate a vintage mask with the today’s mask … the cage is simply to big!

  7. Neil

    Why the american flag. The Canucks are a Canadian team.

    • Bob

      he is american

  8. Jesselee Simonson

    Hello Cory,

    Could you make a custom helmet (potvin style but in red not blue) by the end of June? I live in Calgary AB… how much would that be? Estimate?
    Jesselee Simonson


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