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Read And React Agility Drill Goalies Can Do On Own

Read And React Agility Drill Goalies Can Do On Own

Maria-MountainWhen I am working with goalies in the gym we incorporate an element of ‘read and react’ into their agility training once the quality of movement is looking good.

That is an important point: When a goalie is still developing efficient movement patterns we let them focus on that. Once they are proficient, we add more complexity to the task.

The read and react element adds a cognitive challenge to your movement drill. Just like in a game, your brain needs to quickly process information and then elicit the correct response.

If you work with a trainer or training partner, it is easy to do read and react drills by taking turns giving visual cues. When you train on your own, however, it is a different story.

It is an obstacle I have tried to help overcome as I train more and more goalies online, and I think I have come up with a good option using a deck of playing cards.

You can see exactly what I have in mind in the video. Notice how adding the cognitive element decreases the quality of my simple movement pattern:



Happy training my friends.

Dryland goalie trainer Maria MountainHockey strength and conditioning coach Maria Mountain, MSc specializes in off-ice training for hockey goalies. As the founder of and the owner of Revolution Sport Conditioning in London, Ontario, Maria has trained Olympic Gold medalists, a Stanley Cup Champ and athletes from MLB, NHL, AHL, CHL, CIS and more.

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