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Ken Dryden Goalie

I’ve been a goaltender since 1972 when I began as a six year old inspired by then-rookie Ken Dryden. Little did I know, goaltending would play a big role in my life and now so many years later I am still playing. I won’t list all my accomplishments and successes on ice because frankly there aren’t too many! But I love the game and I think I have the ability to convey my enthusiasm and knowledge of goaltending and more importantly to bring lots of others together to help build a community of people who love our great position.


Jessica (5)

Like father like son

Matthew (2)

I am a teacher of high school computer science and physics who has moved into an administrative role at Shawnigan Lake School., where I am responsible with a great team of people for fundraising and special events. I have an M.Sc. in Exercise Science from the University of Toronto and spent a few years working towards a Ph.D. before moving into teaching. In grad school I had the good fortune to spend a year at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I have also been a rowing coach for over ten years. So, where possible, I will try to share some insights from the world of sport science and their relation to goaltending.

There are many great goaltending resources out there and I don’t intend to push into already well-covered territory. I’ll keep visiting these sites and I hope that you will too.

What I will do is try to fill in the blanks and bring together goaltending related things that are not as well covered today. I’m sure it will evolve as the site grows but now I plan for the site to have great interviews, sport science and training, equipment reviews, technique tips, photos, video and more. I’d like to bring in some store owners to talk about what’s hot and trends they are seeing in the market, equipment manufacturers to chat about their latest developments, goalie coaches and goalie school owners to share their craft.

If you want to be part of the journey, please join me. Whether you just subscribe to our updates by email or RSS, or if you are as interested as I am and want to contribute articles, ideas or more let me know! If you read something you agree with or don’t agree with – get in the game and leave a comment. And if your name is Roberto Luongo, drop me a line. My kids want to meet you – and I think it would be kinda cool too.

Enjoy and thank you for joining me!


David Hutchison
40-something goaltender

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @dhutchis



  1. Steven Altman

    I love reading the articles and seeing the different ideas and how goaltenders view there situations. I am 19 and a smaller goaltender and was wondering if you could do an article on goaltenders at an elite level of smaller stature? How they managed to over come there size and play a slightly different style. Things relating to guys looking to move on to NCAA and eventually pro level. Thanks! Continue the great work!

  2. Warren Shapiro

    Please keep informed when you have new posts or new articles. I think your magazine is great. I like the mask art work. It’s too bad your magazine is not on paper I bet it would sell out. This magazine deserves a
    William Jennings Trophy for Goaltending .



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