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PadSkinz let you customize and repair your gear at home

PadSkinz let you customize and repair your gear at home

CUT, PEEL AND STICK your way to repairs or colour changes with the original colour change product, PADSKINZ!

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Enroth and Neuvirth pads with Breast Cancer PadSkinz ribbons used in NHL game

These Enroth and Neuvirth pads with Breast Cancer PadSkinz ribbons added were used in an NHL game

In 2010, the owner (also a goalie) of Chameleon Sports had an idea. What if we could design a product that would allow goalies to change the colours on their gear WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars on new gear? As a goalie himself, he struggled with ideas or “solutions” to this problem. There was duct tape, leather dyes, sharpies and others that wouldn’t work for longer than a game or two. After almost one full year of testing and research & development, he discovered the answer everyone had been waiting for, PADSKINZ! This was the perfect solution, as it allowed the user to have a very thin and light product that was applied with an adhesive backing. Just cut, peel and stick! This also allowed the user to be able to remove it as well, if desired.

Fast forward to mid 2013 and this is where things really start taking off for the company. The product began to catch fire with the goaltending community, as the quality was outstanding and it worked great as a cost-effective solution. Around that time, some NHL teams started using PadSkinz as well with great success. This lead to an expansion for Chameleon Sports into the retail segment and things have been growing steadily ever since. At the beginning of 2014, a competitor was born after they found out about PadSkinz. By using different materials, they had a similar yet different product to the PadSkinz product.

Sport Gold padskinz added

Sport Gold dresses up a set of Vaughn Gear

At present day, PadSkinz are used by 19 NHL teams, countless minor pro teams, in European leagues, in World Championships, at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, large and small retailers, goalie schools, McKenney Custom Sports and many more. Chameleon Sports has expanded into many European territories including Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Benelux, Switzerland and even Japan with many more to come soon. PadSkinz will even be used for many of the ads you see on equipment in various European leagues this year and for years to come since Chameleon Sports can do custom printing on the PadSkinz material. This service is also available to the public through the “Custom” section on their website.

On top of that, Chameleon Sports has invented several other unique adhesive backed products. PantSkinz are sheets of 420 Denier nylon (same used on hockey pants, insides of goalie pads, goalie and player gloves, etc) with an adhesive backing. This allows the user to change colours on gloves, repair skate cuts on pants, restore the dirty white nylon on pads or gloves, etc… PalmSkinz and GripSkinz are sheets of the same palm materials (Nash and Suregrip) that are used on all hockey gloves palms with an adhesive backing. This allows the user to repair their glove palms without the need for re-palming services. Simply cut, peel and stick. These products are all used by pro hockey teams from the NHL to the lowest levels with great success as well.

Red and Black padskinz added

Red and Black padskinz added to these all-white Bauers

Chameleon Sports has single handedly changed the hockey industry with its unique and revolutionary “cut, peel and stick” products. With many years of testing and R&D, this company is a real trailblazer. The quality of all of these products is easily seen by their use at the highest levels of hockey. With more teams, leagues, retailers and goalies using their products every day, we expect to see this Canadian company continue its trailblazing with new products coming soon. Visit them today at

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