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Author: Greg Balloch

Sophomore Success is Critical for Eddie Lack

The 2013-2014 season was a wild ride for the 26 year-old Eddie Lack. It was a season in which he made great strides, endured an abnormally large amount of mental stress, but still managed to stay positive. It was, in many ways, a year of learning for the 6-foot-5 Swede.

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Save Analysis: Pekka Rinne at IIHF World Championship

Desperation saves can be a touchy subject in goaltending circles. The general thinking is if you’re good you won’t put yourself in situations where you have to make a desperation save. That is true to an extent, but no goaltender is perfect. Sometimes desperation is needed, like his Pekka Rinne save.

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Reverse-VH: Common Issues and Proper Execution

Like any technique, there are a number of issues that arise while using Reverse-VH that coaches and students need to be aware of. They sometimes get labelled as issues with the technique itself, but are really just common mistakes in the proper execution of the move.

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