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Five Tips For a Successful Junior Training Camp

Now that it’s August, tryout season is here. There’s a good chance if you’re reading this you’re looking for an inside edge on making a team. Although I specialize in helping bantam and midget players reach junior hockey, these tryout tips will also help any goalie who is moving up a level this season and are something to keep in mind for the future…

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Coaching the Coaches Part Two: Role of the Goalie

I hope that our introductory article grabbed your attention and that you forwarded it on to your Head and Assistant Coaches for them to be inspired to help you stop more pucks and gain knowledge into our position of goaltending. Now we want to start diving into our world. Addressing the role of the goaltender and determining where to begin on the ice as the skills and tactics of the position are built not in isolation but upon a proper foundation that will ensure long-term continued success.

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Importance of the Fundamental in Movement

Guest Author Tim Fewster of Rick Heinz Goalie Schools looks at the importance of the basic footwork that is so key in getting the goalie into the right place in the right time and in the right control in order to use an butterfly effectively. This needs added focus to help today’s young goaltenders succeed and excel at early ages and give them the tools needed to build up to more advanced movements.

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Christmas Break Camp with Eli Wilson in Jasper

This Christmas, long-time Eli Wilson student Eric Comrie hopes to be tending goal for Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships in Malmo, Sweden. But another group of Eli Wilson students will be at a different winter resort town for the kind of mid-season training that elite goaltenders thrive on.

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