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Does Canada Need Goalie Coaching Certification?

Canadian goaltending coach Jack Hartigan, who played minor pro in Europe, spent time recently training with goalie coaches in Finland, and has been a part of Hockey Canada’s mentorship program shares his thoughts and experiences with European goaltending development and coach certification programs.

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Five Things Every Goalie Should Learn from Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur has been maligned by many for a style that is seemingly out of touch, out of vogue, and even “ugly” by today’s standards on goaltending and technique, but there are still at things that every goaltender can learn from the New Jersey Devils’ legend.

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The USA and Canadian Goalies in the NHL – a closer look at the numbers

Guest author Larry Sadler takes a closer look at the numbers to argue that a recent article here at InGoal comparing American and Canadian NHL goaltenders was not telling the whole story. In fact, he argues, the USA is well under-performaing when you consider the number of hockey players in their country.

Click through to see Larry’s take on the situation – and leave comment with your thoughts.

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USA’s Goalies in the NHL, Better Than Canada’s?

In this article author Jeff Hall looks at the top 6 starters in the NHL from several countries and asks the question – are the Americans the best, and deepest, in the crease?

Take a look and leave him a note in the comments with your thoughts.

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