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Author: Hiroki Wakabayashi

Tennis Ball Chest Trap Drills

Trapping the shot that coming to your chest/stomach area is one of the most essential skills of goaltending. You should not give up any rebound on this routine save and giving up or leaking one often leads you and your team scrambling around the net to fight against a major scoring chance. Today I introduce a series of simple drills to enhance and improve the chest trap skills using tennis or racket ball which is light and bouncy making it tougher to control the rebound.

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Studying Hockey Systems for Goaltending : 5 on 3 (2)

Today we continue the series of articles from coach Hiroki Wakabayashi. Too often young goaltenders think their world begins and ends in the blue paint, learning all the intricate details of our position while assuming the rest of the team game holds little value to them. In this series we focus on the team game and how the systems employed by opposing teams can have an effect on how a goaltender reads, prepares for and ultimately handles scoring threats.

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