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Author: Hiroki Wakabayashi

Studying Hockey Systems for Goaltending: 5-on-3 PP

Playing against 5 on 3 power play is the most challenging situation for goalies. The opponents have great puck control, many passing options and shooting lanes from their best offensive players. This is exactly the situation where “the goalie has to be the best penalty killing player.”

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Studying Hockey Systems for Goaltending: Face-offs

The faceoff is hockey’s only “set play” that can separate the teams from offensive side to defensive side and try to execute pre-set plays to start the play. The team that takes control of the puck off the faceoff usually has a split second to move the puck and players as they planned in order to create some special plays.

For goalies, especially, defensive zone faceoffs can be very dangerous and require special attention.

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