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Author: Justin Goldman

Between Two Worlds: Book Excerpt on Finnish Goalies

Justin Goldman, aka The Goalie Guild, traveled over 24,000 miles and scouted 250 goalies to research what really separates Finnish goalies from North Americans for his new book, Between Two Worlds. He shared an excerpt from “Chapter 7: Hannu Nykvist on Finnish Goalie Development” with InGoal Magazine.

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Between Two Worlds: An International Goalie Summer

Justin Goldman traveled 24,281 miles and scouted 250 goalies from seven countries this summer for his upcoming book, “Between Two Worlds: A Comparative Analysis of Goaltending Styles in Europe and North America.” In this introductory article, he shares some of those experiences, introduces the coaches he met, and outlines the resulting articles coming soon to InGoal.

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Warren Strelow Camp Part 2: Drill Progressions

The on-ice portion of the seventh-annual Warren Strelow National Goaltending Mentor Program was comprised of six sessions with each session including six drills. Each session focused on a different core principle: Angles/Positioning, Puck Retention and Rebound Control, Recoveries, Post Integrations, Reads, and Puck Handling/Traffic Play.

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