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Author: Larry Sadler

Goaltenders are Different

The goalie coach has to build a stronger goaltender by helping him to improve. This improvement has to be based on sound movement principles and analytics. An improved goaltender is confident, self-analytical and continually looking to improve.

Keep these points in mind and you will end up with a stronger more confident goaltender who continually is improving.

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The State of Canadian Hockey Goaltending Development

When we examine the condition of Canadian goaltending today we are confronted with the reality of numbers. The percentage of Canadian goaltenders in the NHL has declined sharply in the last decade – while there are a disproportionate number of Finnish goalies – like Antti Niemi of San Jose.

Click through to see why that might be.

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How to Choose a Goaltender

Larry Sadler is the Director of Nothing makes for a successful team and coach more than selecting a great goaltender. The following points will help you to better select your goaltender. If you have any of your...

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Five Ways Coaches Destroy Their Goaltenders. Part Five of Five.

After more than 30 years as a goaltending coach I am constantly reminded of how some things just don’t seem to change. Unfortunately, one such thing seems to be very evident – coaches often hurt their goaltenders. In fact, they may slowly destroy them. Now a few coaches do this intentionally, but many do it unintentionally and they do it in many ways. I have categorized some of these mistakes into 5 key points. Check them out to see if you have inadvertently fallen into any of them.

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