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Author: Michel Godbout

From the Mask to the Mic: Theodore and Lalime

José Théodore and Patrick Lalime have gone from tending NHL twine to the press box. InGoal’s Michel Godbout spoke with them about the transition to TV as well as today’s game, which generated several interesting thoughts on modern goaltending styles, and one radical suggestion about goalie coaches.

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The Tiger Mask: Catching up with Gratoonie The Loonie

Author Michel Godbout caught up with Gilles Gratton – AKA “Gatoonie the Loonie”, as unique a character as ever donned the pads, and the man who wore one of the most iconic masks the game has seen. A private person, the hockey world hasn’t heard much over the years from Gratton – and as always his story is an interesting one.

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