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Want to Spend a Day Training with Carey Price?

The Eli Wilson Goaltending – IHG Sponsorship Fund financially assists goalies that cannot afford to participate in goaltending camps or purchase equipment. To increase the number of goaltenders we can assist, we are pleased to present this incredible opportunity for 10 goalies to train with Carey Price for a day this summer.

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The Eli Difference

When you do something once, or even twice, people can say you get lucky. But when you do it over and over again – at different levels, different years, and under different circumstances – you are more than just lucky.

Eli Wilson is more than just lucky.

Read more and learn about Eli Wilson summer camps….

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A Very Special Opportunity for Only Six Goaltenders

Do you live in Vancouver’s lower mainland area or around Edmonton? If so, Coach Eli Wilson has a unique opportunity for you – but there are only four places open in Vancouver and Two in Edmonton. Will you be one of them? Imagine training like an NHL goaltender every week all season long with a leading goalie coach?

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Vaughn Technology in Manufacturing Video

Ever wonder about what goes into your goaltending gear? This video about technology in manufacturing takes you behind the scenes at Vaughn Custom Sports with a closer look at how the components that go into your equipment are made, including the carbon fibre used in the new Velocity V6 line.

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