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Author: Kris VanWagner

24 Hours of Hockey

Hey all coming at you this week with a little change up. I will continue the ins and outs of goalie gear soon, but this was something I wanted to get out to the hockey community. It’s for a great cause and it is going to...

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Chest and Arm Protectors

Welcome back readers!! Moving along with the “GF Series” (Gear Familiarization) brings us to the next piece of gear. In case you forgot, here is the lineup I will be working through; Mask (Click for article) Throat guard or...

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New Glove Modification

I haven’t been working on the Gear Familiarization series  as mush as I have liked, which was caused by a new glove mod I have been working on. I am finally done with it, and ready to show it off to all of you! Pictured...

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Throat Guards and Danglers

Hello InGoal readers! It’s been a bit of a break since my last article on goalie masks, but I would like to move along with the “Gear Familiarization” series. In case you forgot, here is the lineup I will be...

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Goalie Masks

Welcome back readers! In my last article I talked about all the gear that you are going to need to get started in goal. In the next series of articles I want to cover each area, and give you insights on not only how to make an...

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