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Carey Price Day 2016 Auction

The contest to win a day with Carey Price is now closed and our lucky winners were announced here at InGoal. You may not have won but you can still spend a day with Carey – and make a difference in the lives of young goalies who can’t afford training and gear without your help.

Eli Wilson Goaltending and the Sponsorship Fund are auctioning 14 places for this summer’s day with Carey Price.  The top bidders get the day with Carey, and more than $5500 in extras. Like custom CCM gear (gloves, pads, skates and stick!). And a camp with Eli Wilson. And Under Armour training gear. And year-long memberships to Maria Mountain’s Shutout Academy and InGoal’s upcoming Insiders Club.

Important Information:

You can enter using the form to the right of this text or by going to or

  • To Enter a Bid you must have a Login Account, to create your Login Account click on REGISTER NOW
  • Once you have your login account you may login by clicking on the LOGIN tab,
  • You may remain logged in and bid as many times as you want, only 1 bid per login account will be applied.
  • To Purchase more than one spot you must have separate Login Accounts for each bid.
  • The Minimum bid is $5500 and we will display in Blue the top 14 bids.
  • Fourteen Spots (14) will be auctioned off and the top 14 Bids as of 7:00 pm Friday May 27 at 7:00 PM Mountain Standard Time (Edmonton, Alberta Time) will be successful. 

Payment for successful Bids must be made within 48 hours of the auction completing or the spot will go to the next highest bidder. 

Note: The Eli Wilson Goaltending Sponsorship Fund is a Registered Non-Profit but does not have Charitable status. Successful bids may be written off by corporations as an expense but successful bids do not qualify for taxable deductions by individuals. Sales Receipts Not Tax Receipts will be issued.



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