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Category: Drills

Carey Price Demonstrates Glove Positioning Drill

This weekend a small group of very lucky goaltenders will be spending the day on and off the ice with their goaltending hero, Carey Price, in a special day put on by Eli Wilson Goaltending to raise money for their foundation to support goaltenders who could not otherwise afford training and equipment.

At last years Day with Carey Price, he demonstrated this simple drill to build a more reactive glove – ready to catch the puck regardless of where it is going to or where your glove might be at the time.

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Tennis Ball Chest Trap Drills

Trapping the shot that coming to your chest/stomach area is one of the most essential skills of goaltending. You should not give up any rebound on this routine save and giving up or leaking one often leads you and your team scrambling around the net to fight against a major scoring chance. Today I introduce a series of simple drills to enhance and improve the chest trap skills using tennis or racket ball which is light and bouncy making it tougher to control the rebound.

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Coaching the Coaches: Transition System

This is part seven in a series of articles from guest author Ryan Honick, President GDI Southeast, GDI Midwest and Director GDI EAST, WEST. Coaching the Coaches looks not at developing goaltending coaches, instead it looks to provide some support for the many coaches who have little or no experience dealing with the men and women they rely on the most – their goalies. Ryan regularly visits with coaches at all levels to share his insights, a taste of which you will get from this series.

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