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Training with Carey Price

Training with Carey Price

Eli Wilson Goaltending is giving two incredible prizes away. Later we’ll round out the ten lucky goalies with an auction to raise money to help goalies in need of support for camps and gear.

Contest is now closed. More information is now published on how you could join our winner with Carey Price – this portion will be a fundraiser for the IHG – Eli Wilson Goaltending Scholarship Fund. Stay tuned!


It’s the biggest contest we’ve hosted at InGoal by a long shot. It’s a goalie’s dream, really.

There it is. Everything you need to take your game to the next level and a day on the ice with the best goaltender on the planet.

So if you haven’t entered yet, why not?? Go enter the contest right now.

Now that you’ve entered, it’s time to grab some bonus entries!

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Then just let us know here which bonus entries you have used (yes, we’ll check before someone wins).

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That’s up to four bonus chances to win the Goalie’s Dream Prize.

This is all about the Eli Wilson Goaltending – IHG Sponsorship Fund. We’re raising funds to help goaltenders in need. In addition to this one random draw, one goaltender who has applied to the Fund for support will also be selected to attend the day with Carey Price and win all the other amazing prizes. Then we’ll open it up to a sealed bid auction for the final eight places. The funds from the auction will add to the Eli Wilson Goaltending – IHG Sponsorship Fund to help more goaltenders than ever before.


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  1. Wendy Griggs

    How exciting this would be and what an experience! 🙂 Keeping fingers crossed!

    email used for facebook, twitter, pintrest is: [email protected]


    What a great opportunity to spend a day with the best NHL goalie in the NHL. It’s like winning the goalie lottery!

  3. Scotty

    My son has been playing goalie now for 5 years. This past weekend it all started to click for him. So awesome and proud of him…not to mention he wants the Canadians to win the cup. He would be so pumped to learn from Carey.

  4. Tanya Hartz

    My son and I would absolutely love to see him train with Carey Price! Carey is one of my son’s favorite goaltenders in the NHL, and I am sure this would be welcomed dream come true! That and the CCM gear would be amazing! 🙂 Shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! My fingers are crossed!

  5. John

    What an amazing contest! The IHG fundraising, and awarding a spot to a participant of the program is a really great idea.

  6. jay marcy

    My son Colton attended Eli Wilson’s camp in Denver lazysummer. He was a good athletic goalie going in. After the camp, he was better than good. He attended on a scholarship and the find also helped us find new padfor no charge as he had out grown his. By far the best camp he had ever attended.

  7. Jeremy Pettapiece

    This is an awesome opportunity !!!!!

  8. Jeremy Pettapiece

    Awesome opportunity

  9. Matthew

    Thank you so much for the extra chances to win this amazing day! My Mom has shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I really really hope I win. I’ve been a goalie since I was 4 and Carey Price is my all-time idol. I’ve even been to watch him practice one time. That was really cool. Thank-you again. Sincerely, Matthew (age 12).

  10. Arnold Robar

    Jeremy is one of the most devoted Montreal fans you could meet. Price is his hero and he tries to style his game after him. He is playing elite level hockey and will try out for the Nova Scotia U 14 team in July. New gear would certainly help his mood going in. Hope the hockey gods smile on him.

  11. Shannon

    My son has been a goalie for 8 years now and Price is his favourite goalie. As a single parent, I have done what I can to allow him to play at different levels of minor hockey, but he has never been able to play to his potential unfortunately cause of finances. Very hard for a parent to feel a bit of failure to their child. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to have.

  12. Michael Willy

    My son started in net at age 9. We struggled to find any local coaching for him. At age 13, we travelled half way across the country to attend one of Eli’s camps and in one week my son’s game improved tremendously. We’ve been back every year since. Totally worth it!

  13. Silvy Gamarra

    My son has been playing goalie for 2 years now, but he is so passionate about it and went from REC league to Bantam AA, U16 and now play travel for U18…just turned 15! He would love to learn from the best, after they win their 25th Stanley cup 🙂

  14. Jennifer

    What a great opportunity for any young goalie. My son is 10 and would be over the moon about this. He loves goal tending and takes his job between the posts very seriously. lol

  15. Mark Lukehart

    Where could you find a better opportunity as a goalie. To be on the ice with Carey Price and Eli Wilson at the same time doing serious work….you could not ask for more!!!! If you don’t win, don’t sell yourself short. Attend an Eli camp, You won’t be sorry.

  16. Louise Levesque

    This would be a dream come through and an opportunity of a life time to spend a day with the best goaltender on the planet. I’m an older “kid”, 47, and started playing hockey late in life, when I was a kid, as a girl we were not allowed to play. I absolutely love the game and would give everything for a chance to live this experience!!!!!!

  17. vickie

    My son is 7 and has been playing goalie for 2 years, almost since he could skate really. It is all he has ever wanted to be. He is so excited about entering the contest and his crossing his fingers and praying that he wins. Spending time with Carey would teach him so much of the foundation that he will need as he gets older. Carey Price is his favorite goalie!

  18. Cody

    Thank you for all the great contests!

  19. Myrna

    My son Justin would love an opportunity to train for a day with an NHL goalie!! He has now been playing hockey for 3 years and has been on a B Rep team for 2 years. Most everyone has said that ‘there is something special about Justin’ when you see him in net. As well, after having to be away from hockey for a few weeks, his team was in a tournament and his co-goalie was not well so Justin had to step in for the next 2 games. After each game, a parent (once) and the other coach (once) came up to him and told him how impressed they were with his work in the net – stopping a defenceman shooting from the point and always scoring (except on Justin) and how Justin held a much better team to a tie game therefore not guaranteeing that team into the play-offs and the coach was in disbelief.

  20. stephanie

    This would be an amazing experience for my son. Price is his favorite NHL goaltender. He is looking forward to possibly winning!! Cant wait to hear!!

  21. Janie

    What a great opportunity for a young goalie. My son would love to have this opportunity to work with Carey and Eli ! This would be a great camp for our son before he starts his new school in Wilcox Saskatchewan in late August.

  22. Stephen

    The ultimate lesson for the Price fan. Stay calm and be Carey Price!!!!

  23. Michael

    My Son (13) would have his mind blown to be able to meet and train with his favorite goalie!! He keeps asking his Mother if she could take him to Montreal just to meet Carey. And what a great opportunity for a high level, up and coming High School goaltender with dreams of making the jump to the next level.

    WOW!! Best contest I’ve ever seen.

  24. willy


  25. Fabian MacLeod

    My son and I liked Carey when everyone was unsure. My son has his mask painted a western theme and switched to CCM gear and he has pictures all over his room of Carey. He is a small town country boy that loves the outdoors and love riding and competing with his horse as well. He has some pictures of Carey team roping and in one of the pictures Carey is riding a horse is that is the same as my son’s. It would be amazing for him to train with his idol

  26. Joshua Seeley

    This would be awesome!!! I have always loved Carey price and it would be an honor to play with him for the day!

  27. wade

    Fantastic opportunity! @fubarhockeynut

  28. Zeropucksgiven


  29. Bryan

    If I could practice with price that would be absolutely unreal. It would be the best practice ever.

  30. Joey Borrelli

    What a Class act Carey is for offering and giving a young person a chance to meet and spend a day with him. My son Aj has been a Goalie for 3 years. He also plays in the the Little NHL tourney as he is also First Nation descent like Carey. He is 9 years old and Yells out Carey’s name when making a save in our basement when making a save playing with his younger brother. It brings back memories of how I would play and pretend to be a NHL player in my imagination play. This would certainly be a dream come true. Good luck to all the Children and Thanks again Carey for being a true Gentleman of the sport. I hope my sons dreams come true and hope more athletes carry themselves like you have.

  31. will ramchuk

    Hi carey, your the reason I started goaltending and I watch every game legs hope you win the cup!!! Im cheering for you good luck. I have to say not only are you a great goalie but you seem like a great person to. What you do to help kids is really awsome, and thanks for the cool opportunity. From will

  32. will ramchuk

    I meant to say lets hope you win the cup not legs sorry

  33. Taylor Davenport

    Thank you for the contest, my Mom shared so I could have the extra entries. I would love to spend the day with Carey, what goalie wouldn’t! This is so amazing that Carey Price wanted to be part of a contest like this and to spend a day with the winner! Good luck to everyone, please post pictures of the winner and Carey training. I’m hoping it is me but if not I would love to see how the day went. Taylor Paige (15)

  34. Trish

    My 10 year old daughter would by in heaven if she could spend a day on the ice with Price. One of the best goalies in the NHL!!!! The contest is a great idea.. But rising money for children to go to the Eli Wilson camp was even a better lesson for my 10 daughter who loves being a goalie for her girls AA team. Thank you for being a good role model.

  35. Romy Morin

    I would really love that my son can win a place. He played his first year in a Team. He loves Icehockey and Carry Price. I just found it wonderful that Carry and Eli Wilson doing something wonderful like this for the youth. For all little goalers: You got a dream, dream it, work for it, learn and sweat for it but never ever give up. Than u will refill it.

  36. Nicholas Cameron

    This would be very awesome to spend the day with Carey Price he is my sons favuriote goalie my son been playing goalie for 3 year now he plays forward for the 1st 4 years then wanted to play goalie and they went provincials every year since he be playing goalie but they only won the provincial championship the first year. Hope he wins a day with Carey

    • Nicholas Cameron

      I mean he played forward for the first 4 years of his hockey career then want to play goalie

  37. Blake wood

    This would be an awesome experience!! Getting a chance to win an ice session with carry price, and just getting to help people who can’t afford gear, helping them out would be great too! This would just be awesome over all, and be a great life changer!!

  38. Blake wood

    I don’t only want this for the free gear and stuff, it would just be a complete life changer!! I would love it!!

  39. Christian gaudet

    Just reposted on instagram @cg0031

  40. Kelley Fineday (Ashtun Fineday)

    shared via Facebook- KelleyMarie, Tweeted, Instagram & Pinterest!! Would make my 10 year old dreams come true!!

  41. Jan Baker

    The winner is being drawn on our sons 14th birthday, it would be the best birthday ever to know he’d won this competition!! He briefly met Carey Price in Kelowna last summer but to spend a day learning from him would be awesome, along with the much needed new equipment….we can’t keep up with his growth spurts, he’s played just 3 seasons & at 5ft 10 we are on his 5th set of pads!! Having started out like Bambi 3 seasons ago to having just played on a “Bantam A” team this year he’s doing awesome!!

  42. Rob Baker

    Our son turns 14 on Friday & I know he’d love to have this chance to get out on the ice with Carey Price & Eli Wilson, we’d love for him to win the new equipment as he’s gone through 5 sets of pads in 3 seasons due to growth – we’d gladly donate his old equipment to the IHG programme so others can benefit too

  43. Chris Rodgers

    What an awesome opportunity to train with one of the best goalies in hockey!!1

  44. kyle


  45. Domenic donato

    When will we know if we were chosen?

  46. Louise

    This would be my son’s dream come true, as well as an amazing learning and growing opportunity. He adores Carey Price! He turns ten this month – which is as long as Eli Wilson and Carey Price have been working together! *bonus entries on facebook and Instagram* All the best to all the hopeful applicants 🙂

  47. German Algora

    Thank you for being so generous in offering your time and equipment for the few in next generation that may win the contest.
    Carey Price is a role model, on and off the ice. Eli Wilson must have played a role as well.
    Nicolas would love to spend a day with Carey Price and Eli Wilson as he understands the benefits of being guided by role models.
    Hoping that we will need to buy tickets to Kelowna in August, where his brother will be attending UBC as well in September.

  48. Terry Wheaton

    This will be a unforgettable experience for any young goalie. Carey is the ultimate role model and mentor both on and off the ice.
    My son Cole play’s goal for the Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club Tier 1 AAA Major PeeWee team and models his game after Carey Price.
    Cole has a pre game/practice routine watching youtube clips of Carey Price highlights and practice drills.

    Cole video clips

  49. Wayne

    What a great opportunity, and the impact this will have on a young goalie!!! My 11 year old son would be in heaven. Thanks for the chance of a lifetime guys!
    Reposted on instagram and twitter @1wildracer

  50. Rita Foster

    Man, I hope my boy wins! It is so hard to outfit a growing teenage goalie….especially a full right one. We’ve been making tremendous sacrifices to make our boy’s goaltending dream a reality. We’ll keep doing so. Opportunities like these are so very rare. Plus, Carey Price is such a great person and works so very hard in net. I can’t say enough good things about that guy!

  51. Tanya

    My young goalie would LOOOOVE this! As i’m sure a million other goalies would 🙂 He’s always watching clips of Carey and molds his goaltending style after him, and one day hopes to be just as good as him… This would definately be a dream come true for any of the hopeful entries! Great contest. Keep ’em coming!!

    • Tanya

      Also shared on twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest for the bonus entries 🙂

  52. Samuel

    I am hobby goalie from Slovakia but my big dream is play hockey like pro. I am training every day 3 time and this training can shift to next level. I share this on pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter 😉

  53. Cassius DC

    I turned 13 and start bantam next season. I’m from a small town minor hockey I’ve never played with an extra goalie, last season I missed a game due to illness for the first time in 2 seasons. I could improve my game and better support my team with this opportunity. This contest is going to make someone’s dream come true. Good luck to all

  54. Peter

    Wow, I am 11 and it has always been a dream to work on ice with an NHL goalie on the ice