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History of Professional Goaltending: Quiz #1

History of Professional Goaltending: Quiz #1

This is the first of four quizzes in a series. When you’re done, why don’t you try quiz #2 as well!


This quiz will be a real challenge to anyone who has only been following the game in recent years – but it will be a great chance to begin to learn a bit about the history of the game. When you’re done how about leaving a note in the comments and tell us how you did?

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photo credit: TFCforever via Wikimedia Commons

About The Author

Tomas Hertz, MD BA

Tomas Hertz has been a contributing author to InGoal Magazine since 2010. He operated  "No Holes, No Goals Goaltending" in Kingston, Ontario for a decade and worked with developing goalies in the G.K.M.H.A. and K.A.M.H.A. He remains active as a timekeeper in the O.M.H.A. - O.W.H.A., the O.J.H.L. (Kingston Voyageurs), and the O.U.A.A. (R.M.C. Palladins). 


  1. klemmer

    Nice quiz! Got 19 of 25 right.

  2. paul galloway

    I got 98%!!!! That Micheal Plasse one was a trick! The jennings one who remembers who that was anyway.

    • David Hutchison

      Well not exactly a trick – but well done! I got the Plasse one only because I remembered reading it on a hockey card when I was a kid – before any NHL goalie had done the deed so it really stood out! I’m sure I wouldn’t get 98% though – awesome job.

  3. Tomas Hertz,MD,BA

    I actually created this question based on comments on Plasse’s rookie card. I only collect goaltender rookie cards and the late Michel Plasse was the first professional (i.e., playing for money) to score but not the first NHL to do it. Billy smith is the first NHL goaltender to be CREDITED with a goal and Hextall is the first to actually score one. It is all in the details !

  4. Matt in Montreal

    Man, this quiz is for old timers 😉

  5. Damien Monk

    Great quiz…you need to know your goaltender history to due well. Great job…

  6. Jim Imbrogno

    got 68%….only because there were so many Glenn Hall questions and I just recently read THE GAME. It would have been dismal otherwise. Most of the 80’s is just a blur.

  7. Hotdog

    Wow, that was tough. I don’t know how anyone could get a 98%, I got about 60%, didn’t even want to look anymore. It was awesome seeing some of the names from yester-year. Good job to the guys who did well, I guess I need to get studying.

  8. Aaron

    63%, but that was a lot of fun. That’s actually better than I thought I’d do, since I know very little about hockey history, but I learned a lot in the process!