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InGoal Magazine 2015 Year In Review

InGoal Magazine 2015 Year In Review

With 2015 drawing to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect back on all of the accomplishments of the past year.

Here at InGoal, we were proud to bring you well over 450 articles throughout the year, covering all types of news, analysis, interviews, and more – entirely from the perspective of a hockey goaltender. Goaltending is our shared passion, and we look forward to providing even more expansive coverage in 2016.

But now we would like to highlight some of the more detailed pieces from 2015 that we were especially proud of. Here are some of our favourites separated by the month in which they were published. Enjoy!


After a brief stint with the St. Louis Blues, Martin Brodeur, one of the greatest goaltenders of all time, decided to call it quits in January.

Hall-of-Famer Hašek Was A Cut Above The Rest
By Greg Balloch

With Dominik Hasek elected to the NHL Hall-of-Fame, we take a deeper look at what exactly made him so valuable to the Buffalo Sabres during the prime of his career. His former goaltending coach Mitch Korn also offers some insight into what it was like during that time period.

Brodeur Ends Greatest Goalie Career in NHL History
By Kevin Woodley

After a short stint with the St. Louis Blues, Martin Brodeur finally decided to hang up his skates to join the Blues’ front office. We take a look back at what was certainly the most productive and well-decorated goaltending career of all time.


Devan Dubnyk has worked to improve his tracking and technique. earning a new, multi-year contract.

Devan Dubnyk turned his career around very quickly in 2015, and it turned out that a revolutionary new technique called Head Trajectory deserved most of the credit.

5 Things Coaches Say that Drive Goalies Crazy
By Elias Rassi

Due to a lack of understanding of the position, a lot of head coaches tend to say things that bother or confuse young goaltenders. We try to clear some of those misconceptions up by bringing to light five of the most common mistakes.

Head Trajectory Part Of Dubnyk Bounce Back
By Kevin Woodley

Devan Dubnyk rescued his career from the brink of disaster and single-handedly turned the 2014-2015 season around for the Minnesota Wild. We dive deeper into what exactly he changed, and shed some light on the Head Trajectory technique that he was learning.

Goaltender Workload and Its Effect on Save Percentage
By Greg Balloch

It is a common belief that a goaltender who plays on a team that gives up more shots will have a more difficult time maintaining a high save percentage, but, as the stats go to show, that really isn’t the case.


With the NHL season drawing closer to an end, the Vezina Trophy was the topic of multiple articles in March.

The Long Undeath of Wins To Pick Vezina Winners
By Paul Campbell

An over-reliance on outdated goaltending stats (like goals-against-average and wins) has led to a number of undeserving Vezina Trophy winners throughout NHL history.

It’s Time to Scrap Goals Against Average
By Greg Balloch

It has been a long time coming, but it’s finally time to start looking at goals-against-average for what it really is: A team stat. We need to stop using it to evaluate individual goaltenders.

Ten Worst Goals of the 2014-2015 NHL Season
By Greg Balloch

Recap some of the most cringe-worthy goals against that were allowed during the 2014-2015 NHL regular season.

Beyond Big Four: Rethinking Vezina Trophy Numbers
By Paul Campbell

After establishing that the “big four” original stats that were used to measure goaltender performance were flawed, we go back and look at previous NHL seasons, and see who the real Vezina Trophy winners should have been.


Carey Price

When rumblings that Carey Price was a front runner for the Hart Trophy began in April, we asked the question: Do goalies really deserve to win it?

Masterton Nominee Darling Making Most of 2nd Chance
By Rob McGregor

Scott Darling of the Chicago Blackhawks talks about overcoming struggles with fitness, alcoholism, and social anxiety in order to make it to the NHL.

Hart Trophy Trouble: When Should a Goaltender Win?
By Paul Campbell

It’s very rare when a goaltender’s name is in contention for the Hart Trophy, but do they ever really deserve it? We do our best to break down the very complex issue of comparing a goaltender to a forward or defenceman.

Poor Reverse-VH Execution Burns Crawford
By Greg Balloch

A goal on Corey Crawford during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs set social media ablaze with criticisms of the reverse-VH technique. The problem was really to do with Crawford’s execution of the technique, not the technique itself.

Better Pavelec Dead-Angle Options on Ducks Goal?
By InGoal Magazine Staff

Dead-angle plays are some of the toughest situations that goaltenders will be faced with in a game. We go over a number of different options that goaltenders have on those types of plays after Ondrej Pavelec was burned by being over-aggressive.


New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist embarked on yet another Stanley Cup run in 2015, but came up short of the final goal once again.

Lundqvist Save Shows Importance Of Full Recovery
By Greg Balloch

Henrik Lundqvist slides across to make a save on a one-timer attempt, but the shot is never taken. Instead of remaining down in the butterfly, he quickly recovers to his feet, then makes a save. It’s a simple move, but a great example of how quickly he is able to process the game.

Why Henrik Lundqvist Is The Rangers King of Clutch
By Greg Balloch

After yet another game seven victory in the playoffs, Henrik Lundqvist talks about his mental preparation, and what else gives him the edge in winner-take-all situations.

Importance of Integrating Goalies Into Team Practices
By Stefan Nichols and Elias Rassi

A lot of goaltenders receive one-on-one instruction from a specific goalie coach, but they can still be forgotten during full team practices. We break down why it’s important for teams to include their goalie in practices, and ways that it can be accomplished.

Braden Holtby and the Question of Elite Status
By Clare Austin

While most people would agree that Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals has all of the skills necessary to become an elite goaltender in the NHL, the stats show that he’s not quite at that level…yet.

How Corey Crawford Used Visual Clues to Find Puck
By Mike McKenna

Portland Pirates goaltender Mike McKenna writes a guest column showing how Corey Crawford manages to find the puck through traffic in front of the net, and offers his advice on the topic.

What’s Wrong With (Critiques of) Big Ben Bishop?
By Clare Austin

With the Tampa Bay Lightning on a lengthy playoff run, criticism of Ben Bishop’s style of play was at an all-time high. We break down why he plays this way, and why most of the criticism he received was unfounded.

Jets Prospect Eric Comrie Ready For Next Challenge
By Greg Balloch

Winnipeg Jets 2013 second-round pick Eric Comrie chats about transitioning from junior hockey into the professional game, and talks about the experience of winning a gold medal at the World Juniors.


Scott Darling celebrates with the Stanley Cup. (InGoal photo by Cheryl Adams)

Scott Darling’s quick rise to the Stanley Cup champion was historic, and he took time to reflect on the journey with InGoal Magazine in June.

Why Impressive Vasilevskiy Is Future in Tampa Bay
By Kevin Woodley

Andrei Vasilevskiy’s coaches Charles McTavish and Paul Schonfelder of Complete Goaltending Development in Ottawa talk about what makes him such a special talent, and why he is the goaltender of the future for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Top Ten Saves of the 2015 Stanley Cup Final
By Greg Balloch

Relive the top ten saves from Corey Crawford and (an injured) Ben Bishop during the 2015 Stanley Cup Final.

Top Ten Saves of the 2014-2015 NHL Season
By Greg Balloch

Check out the essential list of the ten best saves from the 2014-2015 NHL regular season. How many do you remember?

What Will 3-on-3 Overtime Mean for NHL Goalies?
By Kevin Woodley

With the announcement that 3-on-3 overtime was making its way to the NHL, we talk about the adjustments that goaltenders will have to make. Mike McKenna offers his take after experiencing it in the AHL earlier in the year.

Interview With Stanley Cup Champion Scott Darling
By Cheryl Adams

Scott Darling is a Stanley Cup Champion. He talked about his long journey, the celebration, and how he planned on preparing for the upcoming season.

Dallas Stars Break Bank on Tandem: Who Spends Best?
By Rob McGregor

With the Dallas Stars shelling out big bucks for a tandem of Kari Lehtonen and Antti Niemi, we break down which NHL team statistically gets the most bang for their buck when it comes to their two goaltenders.


Garret Sparks

Leafs prospect Garret Sparks spent part of the summer in Australia, part of it coaching, and part of it training for the upcoming NHL season. He still found time to talk about it with InGoal Magazine in July.

Garret Sparks Talks About His Year, GGSU Camps
By Cheryl Adams

Toronto Maple Leafs’ prospect Garret Sparks recaps his summer, which he spent touring Australia for charity, teaching at GGSU Legends Camps, and training for the upcoming NHL season.

Before the Shot: Crawford’s Early Positioning Pays Off
By Elias Rassi

A lot of the time, goaltenders set themselves up for failure before the shot is even taken. Using an example of smart positioning from Corey Crawford, we show how to make your life easier by reading the play appropriately.

Braden Holtby Wasn’t Full-Time Goalie Until Age 12
By Kevin Woodley

Braden Holtby didn’t start goaltending until he was 12 years old. 13 years later, he’s the proud owner of a new five-year contract worth $30.5 million. He explains the decision, and why it was so important to his career.


Jonathan Quick

Jonathan Quick’s two articles for The Player’s Tribune provided a lot of talking points for articles at the end of the summer.

Before the Shot: Quick Shows Why Calculus Matters
By Elias Rassi

In an article for The Player’s Tribune, Jonathan Quick talks about good shooters being able to change the angle of their shot. We break down exactly what Quick means, and show an example of how he counteracts that.

Professor Quick Lectures on Time and Advanced Stats
By Paul Campbell

In that same Player’s Tribune article, Jonathan Quick talks about having a deeper understanding of the game, and even acknowledges some of his concerns with modern advanced stats. Not surprisingly, he was on to something.

Quick’s Second Lecture: Deception and Mental Space
By Paul Campbell

In the second part of Jonathan Quick’s Player’s Tribune article, he talks about deception and the mental side of goaltending. We break down what the NHL stopper had to say, and talk about why his lessons are so important.

Goaltenders And Aging In the National Hockey League
By Clare Austin

We take a statistical look into the aging curve for goaltenders in the NHL, and find out at what age they peak, and what age they start to rapidly decline.

Rigsby Back With US Team But Won’t Play Pro … Yet
By Cheryl Adams

23-year-old Alex Rigsby is coming off a phenomenal collegiate career with the University of Wisconsin, and talked to InGoal about her decision to not join the new NWHL…at least not yet.

Top 50 NHL Goaltending Prospects for 2015-2016
By Greg Balloch

InGoal’s comprehensive list of the top goaltending prospects. We break down the 50 biggest and brightest names in the goaltending world that are making their way to the NHL.

InGoal Magazine Spends Special Day with Carey Price
By David Hutchison

Carey Price traveled to Kelowna, British Columbia to spend a day on and off the ice with a group of lucky young goalies. He helped raise over $76,000 for the Eli Wilson Goaltending-IHG Hotels Sponsorship fund, and InGoal was there to document the event.

Voodoo, Madness, Mysticism: Goalie Ignorance Excuses
By Paul Campbell

NHL goaltending is very difficult to predict and project long-term. The position has been dubbed by some analysts as “voodoo” because of the challenges that come with trying to quantify it statistically – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Appreciating Tomas Vokoun
By Clare Austin

Tomas Vokoun had one of the most underrated careers of any goaltender in NHL history, and it’s time that he saw some respect and admiration.



With the NWHL set to kick off their inaugural season, Jenny Scrivens took time in September to talk to InGoal Magazine about her excitement.

An Introduction To Adjusted Save Percentage
By Greg Balloch

Do you ever wish that save percentage took the location of each shot into consideration? Well, the folks at War-On-Ice have developed a statistic called “adjusted save percentage” that does that!

Jenny Scrivens: The NWHL is a “Perfect Fit”
By Clare Austin

With the NWHL opening up its inaugural season in 2015-2016, New York Riveters goaltender Jenny Scrivens took time to chat about her excitement and future plans for the league.

Reverse-VH: The Importance Of An Engaged Back Foot
By Greg Balloch

As the reverse-VH technique continued to evolve, it became quickly apparent that the “back leg” is crucial when it comes to sealing the post and being perfectly square to the shooter. We go over the different ways that it can be done, and explain in detail exactly why the back leg is so important.

Anthony Brodeur Gets A Fresh Start In The West
By Greg Balloch

Anthony Brodeur made a surprising jump from the QMJHL to the BCHL’s Penticton Vees at the start of the 2015-2016 season. He caught up with InGoal to talk about the transition, and what inspired him to move to a different league completely across the continent.

Before The Shot: Lundqvist Keeps Calm Under Pressure
By Elias Rassi

Everybody knows about Henrik Lundqvist’s ability to read plays, but that ability also helps him remain calm during quick-developing plays. We show how his collection of information before the shot is a major reason for that.


The Montreal Canadiens take on the Vancouver Canucks during the NHL game at Rogers Arena on October 30, 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Clint Trahan/InGoal Magazine)

Ryan Miller started the 2015-2016 season off with a bang in October, and was looking like his old self for the first time with the Vancouver Canucks.

What Failure Rates Say About NHL Goalie Drafting
By Clare Austin

NHL teams shouldn’t take a chance and draft a goaltender in an early round, even a highly-touted one, because the failure rate is much higher than a skater – right? Wrong. The numbers show that drafting a skater is just as risky as drafting a goaltender.

Coaching the Coaches: Naming and Relieving your Starter
By Ryan Honick

A lot of coaches tend to really bungle how they go about naming their starting and backup goaltender each game. We talk about the different ways you can do it, and which ways are most effective.

Is Ryan Miller Actually Playing More Aggressively?
By Greg Balloch

Looking to bounce back from a lacklustre 2014-2015 season with the Canucks, Ryan Miller threw back to his original style of being more aggressive with shooters. At least that’s what he was telling people. Looking at the game video, was he actually staying true to his word?

Before The Shot: Balance Key To Miller Success
By Elias Rassi

By playing a more aggressive style, Ryan Miller had to adjust a few other parts of his game to compensate. We explain why balance and backwards flow are so important to his early season success.

Ondrej Pavelec’s Slow Road To Consistency
By Greg Balloch

While many people still like to criticize Ondrej Pavelec of the Winnipeg Jets, he has worked incredibly hard at becoming a more consistent NHL goaltender. We take a deeper look into what changes he has made over the last 2-3 years in order to achieve that.

Why Skaters Should Hold On To Their Sticks
By Rob McGregor

It’s generally accepted that when a goalie breaks their stick, one of the defencemen will give theirs up. As the Edmonton Oilers demonstrate…maybe that’s not the best idea after all.

Before The Shot: Schneider Elite Patience On Skates
By Elias Rassi

One of Cory Schneider’s underrated abilities is the patience that he displays by staying on his feet. He almost never bites too early, and he gives himself more options as a result.


James Reimer’s “reverse-VH fail” was the subject of two separate analytical pieces in the month of November.


Canadiens Price Hurt; MMA-Trained Condon Takes Over
By Kevin Woodley

The first surprise was winning the backup job in Montreal over Dustin Tokarski, but Mike Condon turned more heads when he stepped in for the injured Carey Price. He talks about how his MMA-training played a major role in how he rose up the ranks so quickly.

Reimer’s Skate Position Key In Reverse-VH Goal Against
By Clare Austin

James Reimer of the Toronto Maple Leafs suffered an embarrassingly soft goal that squeaked through his pad and the post while he was in the reverse-VH position. We examine how it happened, and what he could have done differently to prevent it.

Before The Shot: On Reimer And Gathering Information
By Elias Rassi

On the same goal against that James Reimer surrendered in the reverse-VH position, we explain how a simple head turn could have also helped him prevent the situation from ever occurring.

New Statistics Pushing the Frontier of Goalie Analysis
By Clare Austin

A variety of new goaltending statistics have come to the forefront in recent years. Which ones are useful, and which ones are flawed? We examine each, and offer some insight into understanding them.

Before the Shot: Condon’s Different Kind of Aggressive
By Elias Rassi

Mike Condon shows how a goaltender can utilize a high hockey IQ to make aggressive, but smart decisions to break up plays before they fully develop.

The New War On Goalies
By Paul Campbell

This year it seems like the calls for larger nets and smaller equipment have been louder than ever before. Yes, goal scoring is lagging once again, but it really isn’t the fault of goaltenders. It is a systematic issue, and blaming goaltenders is the easy way out.

Reimer’s Head Trajectory Use Featured On HNIC
By Greg Balloch

Kelly Hrudey attempted to explain the head trajectory technique on Hockey Night in Canada. We provide some more examples of what he was attempting to describe, and explain what makes it so effective with the goaltenders that are learning it.

Goalies 101: Talking About The Butterfly
By Clare Austin

In a new series dedicated to misunderstood goaltending terms, we begin with a simple one: The butterfly. Every goaltender in the modern age uses the butterfly technique, so it’s time to stop describing them that way.


Goalies 101: Athleticism Isn’t What You Think It Is
By Clare Austin

Scouts and coaches love to describe goaltenders as “athletic,” but what does that really mean? Some goaltenders are improperly labelled as “non athletic” because of their sound positioning.

Islanders Should Give Greiss A Real Chance
By Greg Balloch

Thomas Greiss has been a steady backup for years, but has never played more than 20 games in any NHL season. This season with the New York Islanders, for various reasons, he has a legit chance to overthrow Jaroslav Halak as the starting goaltender.


Happy new year from InGoal Magazine!

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