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InGoal Magazine’s 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

A few ideas of what to get the goalie in your life this Christmas….

Is Your Phone Costing You Saves?

Examining effects of screen time on eyes, brain, and stopping pucks

Luongo Hall of Fame Career Defined by Evolution, Drive to be Best

InGoal looks back on Luongo’s career as he is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Reflecting on Carey Price’s Legacy

PART 4: Even Peers Wanted to Play like Price

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NHL Goaltenders share their favorite Christmas gifts

NHL Goaltenders share their favorite Christmas gifts

Featurearey Price insists he wasn’t snooping for presents but when it comes to his most memorable hockey-related Christmas gift, the Montreal Canadiens No. 1 admits to discovering his favorite long before December 25.It was a set of red Vaughn pads...

How Sweden Invented the RVH

How Sweden Invented the RVH

Linda Blomquist makes one thing perfectly clear when it comes to inventing what most goalies in North America now know commonly as the reverse-VH, or RVH: the real credit belongs to her goaltenders.