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Throwback Thursday: Hasek Allows Offside Goal

Throwback Thursday: Hasek Allows Offside Goal

The season that Dominik Hasek spent with the Ottawa Senators is often forgotten. After turning 41 in 2005, he decided to return to the NHL in the post-lockout world. Surprisingly, he had a fantastic start to the year with the Senators. Fantastic until he suffered an injury during the Olympic break and missed the rest of the season. Ray Emery would have to carry the load from February until the end of the playoffs.

Before Hasek went down with that mysterious ‘adductor’ injury, he left his mark on the Sens. His trademark quirky style came to the forefront during a delayed offside in a game against the Washington Capitals on January 4th, 2006.



If any goalie in the history of the NHL would be the one to try a stunt like this, it could only be Hasek.

Although he tricked the goal horn operator and a bunch of the fans in attendance at the Verizon Center, the referees would make the proper call, waving the goal off. Glenn Healy, the colour commentator in the video clip, does make a good point. It was not a reviewable play, and if the linesmen incorrectly ruled that the Capitals player was not offside, it would have counted. It was an obvious call, but why risk it?

The most underrated part about this clip has to be the reaction of Olaf Kolzig at the other end of the ice. TSN’s cameras panned to a shot of his face at the perfect time, capturing exactly how he felt about Hasek’s shenanigans.


Luckily for Hasek and the Senators, the ‘goal’ would not count and the Senators would go on to win the game by a score of 3-1.

For the full, hilarious effect of hearing the goal horn go off and fans reacting, see the video clip below:

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  1. Kagdwarrior

    To this day this makes me laugh..the fact that people make a deal of this is rediculous. He knew exactly what he was doing and the fact that it was offside. Realistically that player took a shot on net after a whistle..penalty… Hasek didnt care what others thought of him, look at his style. This is a ‘ im not wasting my time’ play from a Legendary goalie.