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Top Ten Saves of the 2014-2015 NHL Season

Top Ten Saves of the 2014-2015 NHL Season

We’ve already gone through the top ten saves of the Stanley Cup final, but now it’s time to go a little bit further back and count down the greatest saves of the regular season. The goaltending was fantastic league-wide this season, and it was fun to count down the top ten saves of the week every week here on InGoal. Plenty of great saves needed to be left off the list, and it was an extremely difficult task to reduce this to only ten. We’re already looking forward to next season! Without further delay, here are all of the best saves from the 2014-2015 NHL regular season:

#10 Braden Holtby – Washington CapitalsHoltby12

It’s a good thing Holtby never takes his eye off the puck! Ryan Callahan shoots it through Brooks Orpik’s legs, but he is still able to pick it up. He reaches back and just gets his stick on it for a phenomenal save. It took a great combination of skill and desperation for Holtby to not only make this save, but to scoop it off the line and cover it before Ryan Callahan had chance to get the rebound.

#9 Jonathan Quick – Los Angeles KingsQuick1-2

Even though this save happened in a shootout, it’s far too brilliant to leave off the list. The behind-the-back glove/blocker stop along the ice is a move that is seen every once in a while, but never fails to inspire shock and awe. It’s a complete desperation move from Quick, and all Perreault has to do is raise the puck. The goalie wins this time!

#8 Cam Talbot – New York RangersTalbot1

This is the kind of glove save that kids dream about making in overtime of the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final. Although this only happened in a regular season game, nothing can take away from how truly amazing it was.  A bit of a delayed reaction from Talbot forces him to fully extend, and he pulls it right off the goal line for the perfect glove stop.

#7 Calvin Pickard – Colorado AvalanchePickard1

Nobody expected Calvin Pickard to be in the NHL this soon, which made his success even more astounding. He stepped in and was a rock for the Avalanche while Semyon Varlamov missed some time due to injury. Saves like this made it very difficult to send him down when Varlamov came back. The sheer strength in that second-effort push to get his toe on it makes for a great GIF, because it is very satisfying to watch over and over again.

#6 Cam Ward – Carolina HurricanesWard2

Cam Ward is had an up and down season, but this save may be his best in a Hurricanes uniform. He can still show flashes of the star young goaltender that he once was, and this massive glove save certainly falls under that category. David Perron actually made a  nice play to even get a shot off, but Ward was ready for it! Of course he had to add some of that classic Ward flare to it at the end.

#5 Jonas Gustavsson – Detroit Red WingsGustavsson1

Jonas Gustavsson was another guy that didn’t have the greatest season, but a big save like this almost makes you forget about it. The puck hit a leg and caromed into the slot, and waiting there for it was none other than the sniper Rick Nash. Goalies have always been taught to simply get something to the middle of the net when faced with an opportunity like this, but full extension glove saves like this are never expected. It’s not a save you want to be forced to make, but it feels great if you pull it off!

#4 Carey Price – Montreal CanadiensPrice12

Carey Price was bailed out because the shooter Matt Martin fanned on the shot a bit, but it still would have gone in if he didn’t have the presence of mind to reach back and make the save. Price not only gets his glove on it, he is able to contort his body backwards and scoop it out of harm’s way. Just another ho-hum save to add to the Carey Price career highlight package.

#3 – Karri Ramo – Calgary FlamesRamo1

You can see Ramo think about recovering with a push, but he abandons all technique when he realizes that there is no time. That quick decision making is what makes this save rank so high. The only way he would be able to make this save would be to do a headfirst dive. It’s usually very difficult to quickly react on pucks that hit the post, but Ramo made it look easy.

#2 Kari Lehtonen – Dallas StarsLehtonen1

Even after watching this clip one thousand times, it’s still unbelievable to see Lehtonen get his glove on it. When the puck is on Jarret Stoll’s stick, the thought is that it is an automatic goal. There is no way an NHL shooter doesn’t bury that puck in that spot. Give Kari Lehtonen all of the credit in the world to reach back and snare it, plus he squeezes it so there is no rebound. It is easily the best save of his career so far.

#1 Carter Hutton – Nashville PredatorsHutton1

This is the top save of the year for a number of different reasons, and the complete randomness of a play like this happening is the main one. The puck deflects off Daniel Winnik and begins to bounce into the net for a sure goal, but Hutton tracks it all the way until it is behind his back and manages to swipe it away with the goal stick. The timing had to be perfect, the angle he hit the puck at had to be perfect, and the strength required to even reach back like that adds up to the greatest save of the 2014-2015 season.

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  1. Alex

    How can you not include Petr Mrazek’s paddle save from the playoffs!

    • Greg Balloch

      Because this is the top ten saves of the regular season

  2. Chris Dyson

    These are great, no doubt. But Carey Price’s butterfly slide while facing the end of the rink might be one of the best saves of all time. Just the fact he was so calm and cool and had the wherewithal to even think of such a reaction is amazing. Should be here!!