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Bauer Flexes Digital Graphic Muscle With New Setup For Mike McKenna

When Mike McKenna made the move to the Dallas Stars organization this offseason, everyone knew he would be coming out with a wicked new design for his gear. Nobody could have predicted that it would be this awesome.

McKenna took to social media on Friday to share a picture of his new set of Bauer 2S Pro gear, and it rivals the gear that Frederik Andersen wore earlier this year at the Winter Classic.

McKenna’s teammates were evidently impressed.

“Guys literally couldn’t stop talking about these pads at the rink today,” McKenna said in a text message to InGoal later in the day. “(Goaltending coach) Jeff Reese was beside himself.”

The mock throwback Reactor gear is quickly becoming a new trend!

It was made possible by Bauer through a new printing process, which is allowing for the first digitally printed custom graphics to start appearing on pads. You can now, quite literally, print whatever design you wish onto your pads. This breakthrough could take custom designs to a whole other level.

Of course, it will take some time to roll out this feature to non-professional goaltenders, but the future possibilities are very exciting!

This particular set has some sentimental value for McKenna, who wore these exact Reactor 5 pads with a Reactor 6 glove while he was a youngster. He has mainly stuck with Bauer equipment for life, and it now comes full circle with this modern set of pads – combined with some throwback flair.

Mike was kind enough to share the original set of pads that the new 2S Pro’s were based on:

Those old Reactors clearly stopped a lot of rubber! Hopefully Mike has just as much success with his new set with the Dallas Stars organization this upcoming season.

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