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Bauer TotalONE Revolutionizes Pads with On-The-Fly Adjustable Breaks

Bauer TotalONE Revolutionizes Pads with On-The-Fly Adjustable Breaks

Bauer's new TotalONE line is highlighted by adjustable breaks in the pads that allow goalies to customize how they fit and play on the fly, but the innovations go well beyond that. (InGoal photo by David Hutchison)

The arrival of Bauer’s Supreme TotalONE pads has the potential to be a defining moment for goaltending, and the puck-stopping equivalent of moveable weights in golf clubs.

Dismissed by some as a gimmick when they first arrived, now there isn’t a major golf manufacturer that doesn’t offer clubs that allow you change the way they perform.

That’s precisely the idea behind the Bauer’s MYFLEX technology.

In development for almost five years, the new pads utilize foam bars inserted into two breaks across the pad – one just below the knee, and another just above it – to allow goalies to change the flex in their pads, and therefore how they perform on the ice.

Goaltenders who like a straight pad can insert black bars in both breaks for a set up stiff enough to make even New York Rangers’ star Henrik Lundqvist happy. Those that want their pad to flex more, allowing it to wrap around and help close the 5-hole in narrower butterfly drops, can use two yellow bars. Or you can go to the extreme and take the bars out to create an exceptionally soft, flexible pad (Bauer doesn’t list this as an option and while it works short term it may affect durability). And of course every combination in between is also possible – soft and the knee and stiff on the thigh, or vice versa.
Of course, most InGoal readers already know the basics from our preview last issue.

The question now is does it work?

After a couple months of testing, InGoal provided the answers – as well as a number of other innovations, like an entirely new knee cradle based on the material used to make Croc shoes, in the new TotalOne that will appeal even to goalies not interested in adjustable breaks – in the April edition of our digital magazine. Be sure to read the entire review by clicking here.

Bauer's new TotalONE line is highlighted by adjustable breaks in the pads that allow goalies to customize how they fit and play on the fly, but the innovations go well beyond that. (InGoal photo by David Hutchison)

About The Author

Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Eric

    I believe this type of “gimmick” is primarily for younger players (or mens leeguers). An older goaltender, whether they are playing juniors or college, know the type of pad they want, the type of break, the type flexibility, and in the case of collegiate goaltenders (D1 first) if they dont like it, its okay because they will get new pads soon, and for D3 goaltenders, generally every other year… I will stick to pads that don’t have removable parts.

  2. mj

    As in golf, also in hockey this is marketing gimmick that helps manufacturers/resellers to lower stock levels and sell it as a benefit for customers. 90% of customers will customize it at the beginning and never touch it again. Same can be done with custom pads. On the other side, it won’t hurt…

  3. Ben

    Bauer are good with gimmick. Vertexx Cowling, ergonomic paddle geometry and now adjustable breaks.

  4. Kevin Woodley

    Thanks for all the comments, the actual review does talk about the fact more established goalies will already know what breaks they like and want. But even then we found some pros even that like the removable rods for other reasons, and at the lower level they should also improve durability for beer league goalies because you can refresh the breaks when the get too soft.

    As for being able to choose, we talked to 2 junior A goalies that would love to be able to experiment and try different things in their game without having to shell out for a new set just to try. The NHL guys we talked to agreed most don’t need the option because they know what they like and get whatever they want, but all agreed they would have loved it when they were younger and didn’t have new gear served up on an NHL platter. There were also a couple other new features they really liked beyond the adjustable breaks, especially around the rebuilt knee area.

    Lastly, on gimmicks, that’s what they said about moveable weights in drivers, and now even at the PGA Tour level, which I also cover, guys play with the same set ups we have at retail.

    It’s not for everyone, but it’s a great option for many, and Bauer deserves credit for not limiting it to highest-end pad, but also delivering the adjustable break at lower price points

  5. ab

    There is nothing new about adjustable breaks.. I think both TPS and Itech have done it before. Useless in my opinion.


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