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Bonus Entries – Warrior Ritual Custom Gear Contest

Bonus Entries – Warrior Ritual Custom Gear Contest

Entries for the Warrior Custom Goal Equipment Contest are now closed. Thank you to all who participated. The three winners will be announced at as soon as they have all been contacted successfully.


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By now we hope most of you have signed up for Warrior’s Ritual Custom gear contest. You haven’t? Well, you’re missing out. There is no cost to enter and you could be one of THREE lucky winners who will be amongst the first goalies outside the NHL to wear the new Ritual Gear designed by Pete Smith. We tried it at InGoal and we loved it. We reviewed it in the Magazine and on video.

If you haven’t entered, please do. It’s fast and easy and best of all – free.

Already in? Today we present the first chance you have to gain free bonus entries. And today it’s simple. You may have already earned one in fact, you just need to let us know.

Every entrant who “Likes” both Warrior and InGoal on Facebook gets a bonus entry. Just fill out and submit the form below and you’re good to go. Make sure you fill it out accurately so your bonus entry counts if you are one of the lucky winners.

You don’t even have to go anywhere to Like us either…just hit these two buttons:

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Now fill out this form…and you’re done!

form removed as contest has closed

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  1. Terry

    how can you earn bonus entries if you do not have face book

    • David Hutchison

      Sorry guys…there will be other opportunities…stay tuned.

  2. Curtis Ryser

    I second that Question.

  3. BeninLondon

    Third that query

  4. Glenn Michaels

    Would a whopper of a sob story help someone win? For example, I am 58 years old and recently tore my right quad off the bone. I believe that having very excellent and hot looking gear would keep the players watching the gear instead of focusing on scoring. That would be helpful, especially while I am still in my cast and still using my cane. But, if I have to retire at this young age, I will eventually get used to it after much sadness and therapy. Thank you for your consideration. Maineiac

  5. paul ipolito

    Too bad the pads pictured look like a 1980 Camaro interior. Butt-ugly in my opinion.I’ll take mine in plain white.

    • Aaron

      IMO, plain white is butt ugly and hate the trend. Goalie pads and masks used to have a sense of style and goalies looked cool as a result. Now, everyone wears all white pads and some intricate mask design that looks like a blur from any further than 2 feet away. Do the sample pads look good? I’m half-and-half on it. But to call them out as ugly only to replace them with all white pads is a tragedy.

      • David Hutchison

        For what it’s worth guys the sample pads were purposely created to both draw attention and make it obvious all the areas of the design where you have options of modifying colour in the custom pad. Nobody is saying these are the design that everyone should want. That said….I kinda like them! But I’m also a fan of all white – a trend at least that makes it easier on kids and families who may change teams or want to sell old gear.

  6. Ryan

    Just wondering approximately how many entries there are for this contest?

  7. Frank

    looking forward to a great contest< I'm sure whomever wins will be a happy camper!…Have a safe, happy, and injury free New Year!!