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Brian’s Pad of the Week: Flyers’ Prospect Cal Heeter

Brian’s Pad of the Week: Flyers’ Prospect Cal Heeter

Cal Heeter Brian's Pads FrontPhiladelphia Flyers’ contracted goaltender Cal Heeter has a nice new set of pads on the way from Brian’s Custom Sports.

Heeter, who signed with the Flyers last summer as a free agent out of the NCAA after finishing his collegiate career at Ohio State, opted for a nice take on Philadelphia’s orange and black colour scheme on a set of new G-NETik pads.

The pads measure 36+2 and Heeter likes them a bit stiffer than the stock pad found at retail, choosing the firmest possible breaks at the boot and above the knee, with a medium stiffness break at the knee. In Brian’s speak, that’s a 1-2-1 break, as compared to the softer stock 3-3-3 version for the hybrid G-NETik line.

You may notice that “dashes” on the side of the pad in the photos below indicate a 2-3-2 break, but according to pro rep Chris Joswiak that’s standard for a lot of his professional goalies. You’ll also notice the stiffer “1” break above the knee means there is no break on the outer roll at all, and all are options any goaltender can choose on custom order from Brian’s.

For more information on the popular G-NETik line, which debuted here at InGoal Magazine in the fall and features one of the nicest new gloves on the market this season, read the complete review from the October edition.

Cal Heeter Brian's Pads Front

Cal Heeter Brian's Pads side

Cal Heeter Brian's pad back

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  1. mike

    I would like to see these with the full uniform. Interesting counter-intuitive design with the white outer rolls. Makes the pad look smaller, which goes against the idea that white pads make the goalie “look big”. I was never certain of that idea. Like hardwood floors, some say a light color makes the room look bigger, some say dark color makes the room look bigger. Huh?