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Brian’s Pad of the Week – Prep School Standouts

Brian’s Pad of the Week – Prep School Standouts

Pipes Shawnigan Custom SubZerosWith the Brian’s Pad of the Week series we have presented some incredible work from the Kings of Custom, showcasing professional gear from both sides of the Atlantic and a number of NCAA goaltenders’ latest styles. Today we dip into the independent school ranks to bring you a clean and simple use of a school logo, and a nice pun to go with it.

This bold set of 34+1 SubZeros – still the lightest pro pad on the market – are stock pads with custom graphics, for Merek Pipes of Shawnigan Lake School, Canada’s largest boarding school located on Vancouver Island just north of Victoria. A new goaltender in an up and coming program, Pipes expects to take his Canadian-made SubZeros with him as his team tours Sweden and makes a visit to the World Junior tournament in Malmö.

The “stag” split across the front of the pads is the school logo, a use inspired by Chris Mason’s incredible Winnipeg Jets SubZeros.  While the “Pipes” stitched on the side rolls  is a nice way to put his name on the custom gear, Merek was breaking out a pun here as well – if you want to score, you’ll need to put it between the pipes…

For more fantastic custom work from Brian’s whether it’s the SubZero, the hybrid GNetik, or even a combination of the two as InGoal’s Art Director uses, check out Brian’s on the web, Facebook or through Twitter.

Pipes Shawnigan Custom SubZeros



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