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Brian’s Pads of the Week: Maccabiah Games Goalie

Brian’s Pads of the Week: Maccabiah Games Goalie

Jon Hodes MAccabiah Games White USA UniformsInGoal Magazine has been touting the folks over at Brian Custom Sports as the “Kings of Custom” in this weekly space for a while now.

It seems our new Art Director, Jon Hodes, wanted to put that to the ultimate test.

Forget the intricate team logos we’ve shown off on pros like Chris Mason and Eddie Lack, or the incredibly detailed graphics on the theme pads like the Two Jacks Movie Tribute and Heineken Beer League pads. For Jon, who will be stopping pucks for the United States at the Maccabiah Games in Israel this summer (the pads are closer to navy blue than they appear in these photos, giving it a red-white-and-blue look), it was more about blending performance preferences, which meant a hybrid G-NETik and SubZero pad. And since he is a graphic designer with big magazines like Men’s Health on the resume, he added a custom look with the old Focus Graphics.

The pads are 34+2 G-NETiks, with the softest option 3-3-3 flex, which includes a double break on the outer roll. But Jon had them made with a flat face instead of the knee rolls that come stock on the G-NETik, and he swapped out the normal square outer roll for the angled outer roll on the SubZero pads. He also has a stuffed, deep boot with an 80-degree taper, a sliding toe bridge, and Brian’s Velcro-based Smart Strap system.

“I’m used to wearing a flat-face pad with an angled outer roll even though I’m a hybrid goalie and not a true butterfly, so I added those features from the SubZero pad,” he said. “It makes for a more streamlined surface. Because I have a narrow butterfly, I went with the softest flex and double break, and it really helps close the 5-hole. I added the deep/stuffed boot because I prefer to have it truly sit on top of my foot and be parallel to the ice. The Smart straps work great – super quick and easy to put on and take off, secure, and still allows for rotation.”

The blocker is a stock G-NETik (graphics notwithstanding), but the glove is a SubZero, with a Pro Palm, Double-T pocket and nylon laces.

“I wore the Thief for years, and the SZ palm, angle, and closure is very similar, with a wide, comfortable catching area.” Jon said. “The real change for me is the new single piece cuff, and the Pro Palm is beefy – I will never get a stinger again.”

Enjoy Jon’s new set up for the Games (we know he is):

Brian's Pads of Week Jon Hodes blocker/glove

Brian's Pads of Week Jon Hodes Front of Pads

Brian's Pads of Week Jon Hodes Pads Profile

Editor’s note: Here are some new photos of Jon in the gear at the Maccabiah Games, which ended with him winning gold!:

Jon Hodes MAccabiah Games Blue USA Uniforms

Jon Hodes MAccabiah Games White USA Uniforms

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  1. Ron

    Mazel Tov, Jon! Good luck at the Games!