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Win New Brian’s SubZero Pro 2 Arm-and-Chest

Win New Brian’s SubZero Pro 2 Arm-and-Chest
You can win this Sub Zero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest by filling out the bonus entry below.

Win a Sub Zero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest by filling out the bonus entry below.

The SubZero Pro2 Contest is in its final week, but we’re going out with a bang and our best bonus entry yet.

This third bonus includes the chance to win the new Brian’s SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest unit (see the review below for more photos)

Editor’s Note: The chance to win the new C/A unit is now closed. Congratulations to our winner! You still have the chance to earn this bonus – the C/A may be gone, but the chance to win the Subero Pro2 is still going!

The winner of this upper body unit will be selected at the end of the week – and everyone that fills out the bonus also gets an extra entry to the main contest to win a custom set of the new SubZero Pro2 pads and gloves, which will be drawn early next week. It’s simple.

First, make sure you have entered the main contest (and answer a few questions if you want the first bonus entry). You can also get a second bonus entry via Twitter.

Then simply click the Facebook “Like” buttons below for the contest sponsors:

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Now, for a closer look at what you can win with this week’s bonus:

SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest Review

Brian's SubZero Pro2 top to bottom stance

In addition to looking and feeling big, the SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest unit integrated nicely and performed well with the rest of Brian’s new line.

If you had to sum up the new SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest unit from Brian’s Custom Sports in just two words they would be: Massive and Mobile.

How mobile? This entire review was typed while wearing a SubZero Pro2 that had been through a dozen skates, a range-of-movement and comfort test made more pleasant for the nose by Brian’s use of the X-static silver fiber throughout the inner lining to reduce bacteria and smell.

As for the size, it starts courtesy of the contoured (and colorful, as Brian’s extends its new neon offerings beyond the SubZero Pro2 pads and gloves) shoulder floaters that measure 22.5 inches across at their widest point. Behind those shoulder floaters is the other secret to the big feel and look: double shoulder caps. The outer shoulder cap is attached to the chest piece and the second cap sits just behind it, attached instead at the top of the arms, which are also laced into the shoulder, providing additional fit flexibility. That second cap sticks out noticeably beyond the shoulder floater, helping goalies appear even bigger in net.

Most importantly, that size does not negatively affect mobility.

The arms, body and shoulder caps are integrated in way that allows the limbs to stay active without the parts that make the chest look so large getting in the way. That mobility starts at the top of the arms with a roughly four- to five-inch section of material without any hard foam inside. It sits behind – and is protected by – that second shoulder cap, and both are laced into the chest unit, increasing both the flexibility and adjustability.

Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest elbow unit extended

A profile of the Arm-and-Chest unit, as well as the elbow floater, with arms straight down.

Arm mobility continues with the elbow floaters, which didn’t take long to feel like they were broken in. This feel of flexibility is aided by having the seam of the elbow floater become a clean break around the side of the elbow, allowing for that “bicep curl” motion without extra resistance from those side panels of the floater, while an added layer on the side of that split provides the necessary protection and additional coverage.

While some choose to have the belly pad stitched into the side panels – and as The Custom Goal Company, of course Brian’s can make that happen – InGoal’s testers liked the way they were separated. While both the tuck and un-tucked options remained functional, the separate belly pad allows for a unique combination: tucking the side panels into the pant, while leaving the belly pad un-tucked, which allows goalies to achieve that connected, integrated feeling with the pants without sacrificing and forward pitch or flexibility at the waist because of how easily the belly pad seams fold in.

A profile of the unit and elbow floater with the bicep "flexed" and the glove up.

A profile of the unit and elbow floater with the bicep “flexed” and the glove up.

Similarly, the SubZero Pro2 overall seemed to work with varying preferences, with one tester tightening it for a snugger, more connected feel, and others leaving it looser. There was the sense among some wearing it loose that the arms moved independently behind the chest, that they could react with their hands while the top of the torso remained in place, which they noted wasn’t a criticism because it allowed them to feel active with the limbs without resistance from a chest portion that remained big and wide and square.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years at InGoal, it’s that chest-and-arm units may be the item most affected by pure personal preference rather than style of play, so the ability to wear the SubZero Pro2 different ways should be seen as a plus.

It was easy to crank down the wrist straps and felt like the lower arm protection wrapped and molded around the wrist, reducing interference with the glove and blocker. The addition of straight edge padding up the sides of both the lower and upper arm protection added to the net coverage – it really seemed to square off the outer edge of an otherwise typically rounded piece that can lead to pucks hitting goalies and still going in. But the seam between these separate pieces of protective foam ensured it wasn’t restrictive.

With the glove more extended you can see both the addition "lat" layer, as well as the extra HD flap just under where the shoulder floater begins to widen.

With the glove more extended you can see both the addition “lat” layer, as well as the extra HD flap just under where the shoulder floater begins to widen.

An additional flap of HD foam under the armpit and at the side of the lower portion of the shoulder floater also combines nicely with that extra inner bicep edge to help form a puck-swallowing seal between the arms on body. And while that extra flap under the armpit sometimes got caught up a little with the inside edge of the elbow floater, the additional protection for an area susceptible to unprotected puck contact was greatly appreciated. One tester even felt like the extra protective flap helped encourage him to keep his hands pressed forward in a more reactive stance to prevent any interference with the elbow, a built-in reminder for when his hands dropped too passively behind the plane of his body.

The SubZero Pro2 also features an extra “lat protection” layer around the sides that was appreciated by all for both the additional coverage and padding, but Brian’s also smartly tucked the side buckle between this extra layer and the inner wrap around the torso, eliminating any concern about annoying broken plastic buckles from pucks.

By the end of the second skate, the entire SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest unit felt like an old friend in terms of the way it softened up at the important seams.

We really did type this review wearing the SubZero Pro 2 while drinking coffee.

We really did type this review wearing the SubZero Pro 2 while drinking coffee.

As fun as it was to scratch your back to prove arm mobility, a “measurement” we’ve been guilty of in the past here at InGoal and one the SubZero Pro2 performs, the more impressive movements included the ability to easily bring both hands out front to easily seal off body saves and gut traps, with the shoulder floaters and HD sternum plate collapsing into each other easily, and the inner layer of the chest flexing to allow the arms in tight. Or the way the arm and shoulder worked to allow the gloves to move high and tight to the body.

It was even possible to drink a cup of coffee while typing, and while we don’t expect a lot of goalies will need to try that for themselves, it remains a testament to both the lack of funky scent and the mobility of the arms without interference from the chest.

Enjoy these extra photos from an early test session – and a couple product shots – but be sure to enter to win your own above first:

Brian's SubZero Pro2 top to bottom stance


Brian's SubZero Pro2 top to bottom down block


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest top to bottom blocking


Brian's SubZero Pro2 top to bottom up stance


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest  elbow open


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest  elbow unit flexed


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest elbow unit extended


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest glove trap


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest  glove up


Brian's SubZero Pro2 Arm-and-Chest  front


SubZero Pro2 chest and arm review typing


SubZero Pro2 chest and arm review back lat pad

SubZero Pro2 chest and arm review front

SubZero Pro2 chest and arm back

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    looks really nice and safe… I really need it because my old one is too small 🙁

  9. Neil

    I saw some teaser pics of a G-netik c/a several weeks ago. Is this the same unit, just renamed to coincide with the Sub2 line of gear being released? Does that mean there’s a Sub2 pant in the works?

    • Kevin Woodley

      Not same as G-NETik unit — full review of that coming, and there are differences … new pants for this season will also be G-NETik, not Sub 2

  10. Devin

    Looks sharp. Can’t wait to try it out

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  14. Kyle A

    I love everything about the looks of this C/A, but why is there so much padding up around the top of the shoulder? To me, it looks like your head mobility would be severely compromised.

    • Kevin Woodley

      Was being worn looser in the photos – as review mentions can wear it both ways – and the tighter fit pulls that top portion closer to the body to reduce that interference with the chin of the mask. Shoulder floaters are contoured, with seams, or breaks, that allow it to be pulled tighter over the shoulder. With a really thick chinned mask you might have some interference, as with many CAs, but we didn’t get that feedback from our testers.

    • Kevin Woodley

      Actually if you look at the coffee drinking photo alongside the text — silly stuff, i know — it had been strapped up tighter by the tester that wore it night before, and you can see how the chin sits well out in front of the neck and shoulder floaters, think it’s a nice contrast from the rink shots, when it was being worn looser and sitting up higher

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