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Carey Price Debuts New Equipment Look at Canadiens Camp

Carey Price returned to the ice with the Montreal Canadiens sporting a new look but not a new brand.

After a summer of speculation about his equipment, Price hit the ice Tuesday for the first time in his new equipment, a more colourful rendition of the CCM Extreme Flex 3 designed in large part to his personal preferences. Price, who has worn predominantly white gear for years, actually gave InGoal Magazine a sneak peak of the colourful new look on his phone during the Eli Wilson event in August, and multiple sources have since confirmed he was staying with CCM but we didn’t want to spoil the debut.

Factory fresh! Excited to reveal @cp0031’s 2017-18 #EFlex3 setup! #SlideWithSpeed

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Price continues to wear a personalized pad set up he in part pioneered, and one that has become standard for many, with no outer knee flap and his elastic knee strap running down to the outer calf wrap instead, and a longer toe tie gap and no boot strap designed to ease his movements in and out of his posts. He will continue to use a composite stick after switching away from foam core last season, but has moved to the new CCM Premier 2 stick he was using in August, a product that will hit retail in the spring.

Taping up a new twig. #P2 @ccmgoalie

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InGoal already did a complete overview of the CCM Extreme Flex 3 line that Price continues to wear, including the use of a new speedskin material to help the new, faster, lighter pads sold at retail to slide better, and a new double-t pocket glove designed with input from the Canadiens star.

Price also went over his toe tie set up and taped a stick at the Eli Wilson event, explaining the reasoning on camera for segments that will run soon here, and of course you can still check out his extensive sit-down session for InGoal’s new Questions from Kids series. For now, though, we’ll celebrate the debut of his new CCM colours and contract with a short video of him leading the CCM Army in crease movement drills: