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Carey Price-Spec CCM Extreme Flex 3 Pads Available Now

img_4116CCM has teamed up with Carey Price to give goaltenders everywhere a sneak peek at the Extreme Flex 3 line that launches at retail next spring by offering a Limited Edition version of the set up Price wears in the NHL.

There are only 250 of these Limited Edition pads and gloves available, and they truly are Carey Price spec. CCM went to great lengths to ensure it echoed the equipment Price is wearing with the Montreal Canadiens this season, including limiting the pads to Price’s NHL sizing, which is the equivalent of a 34+1.

The similarities don’t end there.

In addition to the size, these special edition CCM Extreme Flex 3 pads also feature several options specific to Price and normally limited to pads made in the Lefevre factory in Montreal.


These Price spec pads include no boot strap (unlike the stock Extreme Flex 2 pads, the boot strap is not removable; there is no place to insert it on these); a wide-open knee cradle with CCM’s “recessed knee” and no outer flap to anchor the Velcro knee strap to (Price anchors his to the outer calf wrap); and three leather straps: two on the calf and one from the knee stack to the upper calf.


The special touches include use of CCM’s Jenpro weave, or “emboss,” material in places usually limited to Lefevre-built pads: including on the “CCM” logo on the outside edge of the pad, on the outside of the boot, in the boot channel itself, and to anchor the stitching on the back of the pad. The Velcro knee strap is also red to match Price’s, whereas black and white were the only previous retail options.

img_4104These Price-spec Extreme Flex 3 pads are also noticeably lighter than the previous Extreme Flex 2 model, with a new internal core, significantly thinner profile and change in weight distribution that echoes the changes goalies experienced when the new CCM Premier line launched back in April.

Not surprisingly, those changes also make this new pad that Price is wearing the lightest yet in CCM’s popular Extreme Flex line. There are several other strapping and material changes that will be introduced when the Extreme Flex 3 line launches at retail in full next spring, but for now the Price specifications offer an early preview into the new core and lighter weight that InGoal Magazine saw first hand when Price wore his Team Canada-colored Extreme Flex 3 equipment during our Day on the ice training with Price event to benefit the Eli Wilson Goaltending scholarship fund. Price’s pads come with what CCM is calling it’s “Deep Ultra-Soft” boot, a feature that will be available in the new line, as well as a nylon inner leg channel, which Price and other NHL goalies believe allows for easier rotation around the leg.


The uniques features and special attention to detail in the Limited Edition set don’t end with the Price Spec pads: the catcher and blocker also feature several details exclusive to the Canadiens superstar.

We’ll start with the 600-break glove, which features the new double-T pocket that CCM goalies like Luongo also started using last season because of how well it retained pucks. Price’s includes skate laces on the outer parts of the pocket, but standard lacing between the two Ts in the pocket.



The same Lefevre-only details are carried over on the back side of the glove with emboss on the outside of the thumb, as well as a small piece on the wrist strap inside the glove.



The Limited Edition blocker also has unique features specific to Price, including a suede-like material on the palm and a a unique wrist strap with a plastic buckle:


As the embroidered numbering indicates, there are only 250 sets of the Carey Price Limited Edition Extreme Flex 3 pads available worldwide, and according to some of our retail partners, they are selling fast. You can check them out for yourself by clicking here.

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  1. Peter puck

    Pads with Carey Price specs…
    Obviously, they are Pricey…

  2. Vogilny

    I dont belive that price plays in a 34+1pad