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CCM Premier Pad Designed To Work With Pro-Level Kneepads

CCM Premier Pad Designed To Work With Pro-Level Kneepads

The new CCM Premier pad is lighter and better balanced thanks to a new, thinner profile, but that’s far from the only benefit of a slimmed down pad.

The thinner face of the new CCM Premier means even more room on what was already one of the biggest, most stable kneestacks.

The thinner face of the new CCM Premier means even more room on what was already one of the biggest, most stable kneestacks.

Goaltenders that read the complete review of the new CCM Premier line in the latest InGoal Magazine already know the face of the pad is roughly one inch thinner than its predecessor, the Reebok XLT pad. They also know that means an additional inch of room on the kneestack, or “landing gear,” of the new CCM Premier pad. Add in a recessed foam knee area on the back of the pad and no outer flap on stock Premier models, and there is more than enough room for even the most oversized kneepad to fit easily on this stable landing area without negatively affecting pad rotation.

InGoal testers and NHL goaltenders like Roberto Luongo and Pekka Rinne noticed the extra room helps executing reverse-VH by allowing them to get “deeper into the knee” and “closer to the face of the down pad” when moving into and off of their post. Because there was no interference with the knee pads or pants in the wide-open knee cradle area, it made it easier to lean into the post and still keep the pad sealed.

“For me it made a difference,” Pekka Rinne told InGoal Magazine.

The new CCM Premier Pro pad also comes with a new set of kneepads instead of a thigh wrap, and they can be secured directly to the pad by pulling out the Velcro flap that is tucked into the back of the face of the pad and connecting it to a short elastic strap sewn into the kneepad itself. (You can read more about the new knee protection and the entire CCM Premier line, by clicking here or on the image below, but keep reading for more information on the new Pro kneepad).

CCM Premier issue tease (knee) JPEG

Of course a lot of goaltenders today are looking for more coverage and protection.

For those goaltenders, CCM offers the Pro Goalie Knee Protector, a Lefevre-designed hinged kneepad, and more than enough space on the new Premier kneestack to accommodate it. In fact, the CCM Premier is designed for bigger kneepads because protection from puck impact is not the only reason goalies should consider using them.

Perhaps more important is protecting your knees — and your hips and ankles — from the damage done by repeatedly dropping down into the butterfly.

Yes, kneepads can help in this regard as well.

Because the NHL mandated a maximum knee stack thickness of two-and-a-half inches, every pad is made to the same specifications. But as studies have proven, the higher the knee is off the ice in relation to the ankle and skate, the less pressure there will be on the ankle, knee and hip. It’s also true that increasing this height will widen out a butterfly. So if the thickness on the pad is fixed, how do we raise the knee? Enter the CCM Pro Goalie Knee Protector and the company’s proprietary JDP technology (Joint Discharge Principle), a hard-cap technology inherited from the Jofa acquisition.

CCM Pro Knee ProtectorIt was designed to transfer the energy from impact into the bigger muscles that surround the joint rather than into the more fragile joint itself. It’s been popular in NHL player elbow and shoulder pads for years so CCM brought it into kneepads for goaltenders. Add in a soft grey mesh-like material that surrounds your knee, and the extra height from the lower piece that wraps around the top of your shin, and testers felt these kneepads relieved stress on the joint.

They stayed in place as well as any set the InGoal crew has tested. It’s a result of two things: the first is a lower section that is easy to secure in place around the top of the calf. More important, though, is the hinge that connects that lower section to the top on the inside of the knee (the outside is connected with a short, flexible elastic) to ensure it doesn’t move around or slide down your leg during the course of a skate.

The top section is split, with the lower elastic wrap around a wider portion directly over the knee to provide maximum coverage and protection, and another elastic wrapping around a narrower up-per section to reduce any potential conflicts inside the pants. There are also buckles at the top if you want to lace them into a garter belt or connect to the pants, but there’s no need to do so just in order to prevent the kneepads from slipping down — these kneepads stay put.

Best of all, they work exceptionally well within the new, even larger CCM Premier knee cradles designed for extra knee guards. Given all that, it’s surprising to learn most goalies still aren’t wearing kneepads. If knowing how many different ways they can help isn’t enough to reverse that trend, the CCM kneepad should.

CC Pro Knee Protectors in Premier pads

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