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Chris Mason set to break out fighter Jet pads in Winnipeg

Chris Mason set to break out fighter Jet pads in Winnipeg


Chris Mason has added the Jets logo to his Brian's SubZero pads (Full photos below)

Chris Mason may not be the starting goalie in Winnipeg, but he’s about to lead the NHL in cool equipment.

Mason, who already sports a mask featuring the Iron Maiden Eddie flying a fighter plane, will soon receive a new set of Brian’s SubZero pads and gloves with the Jets’ new military-themed logo highlighted prominently – and effectively – on both.

“I am speechless, those are the sickest pads I have seen in the NHL this year,” Mason replied to the staff at Brian’s when he got a look at the first pictures. “I cannot wait to wear them! We opened up the picture in the locker room, the boys went crazy.”

Mason’s new-look pads were sent to the NHL offices in Toronto on Friday – the league’s top cop of goaltending, Kay Whitmore, must pre-approve and initial every piece of equipment before it is sent to each goalie – and Mason should have them early this week.

Mason’s idea to feature the Jets logo on his gear is a perfect way to highlight Brian’s custom graphic abilities. (This is, after all, the same company that brought us both the quintessential “Money Pads” and the ultimate “Beer League Heineken Can” pads so in addition to those beauties, be sure to check out all the other unique pads on Brian’s Goalies Only custom pad page).

The back side is all navy and the use of two different reds (techno Red Weave and Red Jenpro) along with a silver and grey allowed Brian’s to achieve the same three-dimensional “shadow” look found in the Jets logo. As you can see in pictures below, that stylized logo is also stitched into the back of the glove and inside of the blocker. But it’s not the only unique feature of Mason’s pads.

Mason is the first NHL goaltender to wear the new Sub-Zero line, which features a velcro based strapping system on that eliminates the need for all but one leather strap and metal buckle, making it the lightest pad on the market at just over four pounds. InGoal Magazine tested and reviewed the Sub-Zero in our latest digital magazine (Go to page 24), and a video review is coming soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek at Mason’s take on one of the hottest new pads on the market:

For those with a keen eye, check out the lacing in the web of Mason’s trapper below – that’s right, he uses skate laces, which many goalies prefer for a softer feel in the pocket. It’s another custom option Brian’s makes available to anyone.

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


    • Mark Kawulia

      just awesome

  1. Peter

    those pads are amazing – I’m excited to see them in action.

  2. Goalie Bob

    Freaking awesome hope I get to see these puppies 1st hand! only got 3 games left this year so they better start Mason in 1 of em 😉

  3. Tim

    So incredibly awesome.

    Love the skate lace in the pocket as well….

  4. Jamie

    Brian’s has always been a leader of custom designs. I remember as a kid seeing such great unique sets such as Potvin, Kidd, Burke, Belfour, etc.. They do a great job creating some wild college designs for NCAA div 1 teams as well. Not many brands will do this stuff anymore and no one can do it on the level they do.

  5. Joe from Chicago

    Just when you thought BStar pads couldn’t get any sweeter, they just took it to 45 1/2 tons of sugar sweet. These are sick!

  6. Jeff

    I like em, but they’ll be a bit excessive with the unis. Better for beer league goalies with a boring jersey. I think it’ll just be overkill.

    • Wally

      you are better off watching beer league games. Admit it these are the best pads in hockey today.

  7. Travis

    I Love the pads but I’m not so sure about the the blocker/catching gloves having the logo too. Overall though this set is still awesome!

  8. Sam

    I’ve always wanted to do this with a pair of pads. Maybe if I know I’ll be on the same team for a few years I will.

    Putting the logo on the pads is something they have done in NCAA, I’ve never understood why they didn’t do it in the NHL. Either Luongo or Schnieder should do this with the stick and rink logo, having a different logo on each pad.

  9. Montana

    those are the sickest pads i have ever seen!!!! they just bring a smile to my face every time i see them!!!!!

  10. Joe from Chicago

    These pads could be the sole reason Noel makes Mason his permanent starter. These are too good to make the bench look hot 😉

  11. Gregory Liverpool

    Those are so sick. I wish we see him play more often in Winnipeg and other rinks in the NHL.

  12. OverTimeLoss

    Kissing up is the only thing that may get him resigned. LOL not half bad though.

    • Joe from Chicago

      Let’s hope Mannino can do this too one day!

  13. Aaron

    I always appreciate “high-end” companies that are willing to take risks, and Brian’s is definitely my favorite brand in the hockey market. Their pads are outstanding for the price (while I can’t even fathom spending $1,000 or more on pads, simply because I don’t have it, their mid-level pads have held up incredibly well playing once a week on ice, for over a year now), and it’s really cool to see that they are at the forefront of custom pad design.

    You really don’t see Bauer, or any of the other “big name” companies do things like this, because they’d rather play it safe and have an inoffensive boring line pattern throughout their gear. Always nice to see something different in the NHL, so congrats on Chris and Brian’s for coming up with, and executing, something different.

    Will this become the new norm in the NHL? I don’t see why not. Masks have been custom designed for years…why not the same for pads?

  14. wtdfxup

    Holy jumpin’

    Those pads are ultra cool

    Mason’s gonna be the best dressed Jet on the ice.


  15. Tobagal

    Wow, love those pads! Am a Jets season ticket holder, and cannot wait to see them lots on the ice! Pav should come up with his own version and design riffing on the Jets logo as well.

  16. Paul Szabo

    My guess is that the corporate agenda wants the NHL goalie to be as standardized as possible, so that every kid will wear the low-end replica equipment that he or she sees Fleury or Price wearing on tv. I would be curious to find out if NHL goalies realy would like to put full on custom graphics on their pads, as they seem to go crazy with the helmets. Lord knows they can certainly afford it! On that point, I think another reason we don’t see so many companies making one off custom graphics on the pads is that I suspecnt there isn’t much money in it. It is expensive but very time consuming. Nice to see Brian’s doing this work, but there are other smaller companies that would give them a run for their money- customizing not just the outside of the pad but all the internals as well…

  17. joelski

    I love ’em, but Kelly Hrudey’s old Sharks pads take the cake.

  18. Den Salwach

    Brian’s does such a nice job with these custom graphics. Definitely will give the Sub Zero line a look when I looking to order new pads.

  19. David Minuk

    Mason wore the pads in practice today. We have audio and some pictures.

  20. paul ipolito

    David- Nice job scooping the Mop & Pail!

    I still prefer white.Each to his/her own.

    Happy Holidays to goalies all over the world!

  21. bjg

    why doesnt he actually wear these? ive only seen him wear them in one game.

  22. Tobagal

    In terms of the question why isn’t he wearing them, I heard that he is still breaking them in.

  23. Jocelyn C

    Nothing new here folks !! Kelly Hrudey back in L.A. had had his pads just as flashy back then, with the films rolls and so… Felix Potvin with claws in Toronto, just to name a few… But these pads really look great ! not too flashy or too personnal themed. Just nicely designed team’s logo and I’m sure it’ll look nice on the ice. Good job from the guys at Brian’s

  24. Beck W

    sickest pads ever

  25. Buster Bueller

    Anyone else remember the slick cat head pads Brian’s made for Felix Potvin? These are definitely the best pads I’ve seen since those!