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Craig Anderson’s Ottawa Senators Sher-Wood Gear

Craig Anderson’s Ottawa Senators Sher-Wood Gear

Whenever a goaltender moves teams there is an air of anticipation to see the new art on their mask. Often we’ll see artists adapt a personal theme for the keeper to his new team with some unique twists. Craig Anderson’s move to the Ottawa Senators was no different and InGoal was able to debut the fantastic new mask created for Anderson by John Pepe of Pepe Custom Paint just recently.

While the casual fan enjoys the look of a new lid, the true goalie enthusiast looks forward just as much to the new gear – pads and gloves and in Ray Emery’s case, matching Chest/Arm unit. Some goaltenders will be wearing the same gear we can buy off the shelf, done in their team colours of course, but many a pro today has intricate specifications for their custom built pads and gloves. They may resemble what you and I could get, but they are completely customized to the needs of the pro who will be wearing them.

Craig Anderson recently took delivery of some new Ottawa gear, built by Dave Wilcox of Sher-Wood who looks after all their pros. Anderson has a long list of customizations that make his equipment that looks off the shelf unique to his personal needs. Dave kindly shared all the details with InGoal so our readers could have the inside scoop on what the Sens new goaltender is wearing.



Craig Anderson Ottawa R10 / R12 Sher-Wood Pads

Anderson's R10 Pads feature the R12 Graphic

Anderson is wearing the Sher-Wood R10 pad but sporting the R12 graphic. They are built 36+2 – previously the maximum length for pads but under the new regulations Anderson can actually wear 38.15″ pads. In addition they are customized as follows:

  • stiffer pad, only one flex just above the knee
  • gutted down back to make the pad light weight (5.5lbs each)
  • weave on the inside gusset of the pad so he slides better in the butterfly
  • Three leather shin straps, webbing knee strap, webbing thigh strap that snaps at the knee area



Craig Anderson Ottawa PL33 Sher-Wood catcher

PL33 Catcher

Craig Anderson Ottawa PL33 Sher-Wood catcher

Sher-Wood PL33 Catcher

His trapper is the new Sher-Wood PL33 one piece trapper again outfitted with the R12 graphics.

The colouring is modified showing Anderson is thinking not just about style but also the function of his fashion. The binding and the “T” top is a dark colour so he can see his glove out of the corner of his eye. His gear is usually a white base colour and he doesn’t want it to blend into the ice.

Like many pros, Anderson used to get a practice glove with extra padding but Sher-Wood is using a new felt in the trapper and he hasn’t needed a special practice glove since.


Craig Anderson Ottawa R10/R12 Sher-Wood Blocker face

Sher-Wood R10 Blocker with R12 Graphic

Craig Anderson Ottawa Sher-Wood blocker palm

Sher-Wood R10 Blocker with R12 Graphic - note the single layer palm

Like his pads, he uses the Sher-Wood R10 model with R12 graphics.

The blocker palm he uses is a cream nash palm with no added palm patch on it as would be found on the stock blocker. He wants to be able to feel the shots and get a better feel on his stick. Because of this he goes through five blockers a year as he wears the palms out quickly.

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David is one of the founders of InGoal Magazine which he began in 2009. Of course he finds time for some goaltending of his own as well, and despite his age, clings desperately to the idea that some NHL team will call him to play for them - though in his mid-forties (OK, late 40s) it'll likely be for a practice when everyone else on their depth chart has the flu and the shooter tutor has gone in for repairs.


  1. Matt in Montreal

    Sweet. Look forward to reading more about Pro’s new pads.

  2. jp

    the..pads are ok…but why dont anderson try some different pads……

  3. jp

    try bauer……

  4. jp


    • Spiros

      These are Sherwood labelled TPS pads, that’s why the pads are called Sherwood R10’s.

    • Spiros

      Also notice they are Sherwood “Response” pads just like the TPS “Response”.

  5. Matt88

    Hey sorry to post my question here but I could not find out how to contact InGoalMag.

    I am in the market for new goal skates and I was wondering what the percentage of NHL goalies are wearing in terms of company and model.

    I notice that a lot of goalies are wearing all sorts of companies but I would like to even know why they have chosen that brand. (If possible).

    Would love to hear/read anything you have on this topic.

  6. Brandon z

    What kind of C/A does he wear, it always looks massive