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Eddie Lack Shows Off New Trevor Kidd-Inspired Brian’s Gear on Instagram

There arguably isn’t a goaltender in the NHL known more for his creative style when it comes to gear than Eddie Lack. Every year he seems to go to the well and come back with an even cooler design (seriously, take your pick).

This upcoming season will be his first with the Calgary Flames, and he decided to share a photo of his new Brian’s Optik setup on Instagram:

The new set is a bit of a callback to Trevor Kidd, a fellow Brian’s goaltender, during his days with the Flames in the 90s.

The main difference, of course, is the fact that Lack’s set is primarily white instead of yellow.

As touched on yesterday when Mike Smith revealed his new Calgary Flames setup, the Flames aren’t very keen on having a lot of colour on their goaltender’s equipment. A number of different NHL teams have strict “no colour” mandates, and it looks like Lack may have been a victim of that trend.

In response to that sidenote, Ben Scrivens took to Twitter to hint that his switch from mostly-black gear to mostly-white gear with the Los Angeles Kings was forced upon him by the team:

Hopefully goaltenders can find a nice balance of unique design, but not overly colourful so that they don’t anger the team that they play for. Lack’s throwback design is a very good start.

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Greg Balloch

Greg Balloch is a Vancouver-based writer for InGoal Magazine, broadcaster for Sportsnet 650, and goaltending coach. His career began in Hamilton, Ontario as the voice of the Junior 'A' Hamilton Red Wings, before moving to Vancouver to cover the Canucks on the radio. A lifelong goaltender, he has been teaching the position for over a decade.

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  1. michael weaver do you have any explanation or articles discussing why teams have these color restrictions for goalie equipment?


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