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First Look at Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N Dispels Some Myths

First Look at Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N Dispels Some Myths

Yes, the new Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N pad weighed in at less than five pounds, but that is just one small part of the story behind a pad built like no other before it.

In fact, the OD1N pad has gotten heavier since it first hit the ice on the legs of Henrik Lundqvist three years ago. On purpose.

Originally created as a sort of “concept car” with no plans for a retail launch, 1S OD1N has evolved significantly since that first ice session, with the focus shifting from weight to performance and an emphasis on active rebounds and better sliding. If the early testing at InGoal Magazine is any indication, they succeeded with the latter part for sure, because the first comment after noting how light OD1N feels in the locker room has inevitably been how well they slide on the ice.

InGoal is in the very early stages of testing the new Supreme 1S line, including the OD1N pads, and over the next two months will attempt to answer the questions that come with such a unique new product with one of our most ambitious product-testing schedules to date. There is no question OD1N looks and feels different than any other pad we’ve tried. There will likely be some goaltenders that have trouble getting past that, just as some have already railed against Bauer’s new no-cowling 1S skate because “it doesn’t look like a goalie skate,” something they may not be able overlook even if performance benefits are measurable.

InGoal will try to measure those benefits ourselves, and in the process we’ll answer questions about how the new pads, which are wrapped in an engineered, pre-shaped outer skin designed to create long, active rebounds, play on the ice and what style of play and fit preference they are best suited for. For starters, though, we decided to answer some of the basics about all the innovations with an overview of the Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N in the latest edition of the magazine. You can read the entire overview by clicking here, or on the picture below. You might just find it dispels some message board-created myths about the pad, starting with the wide-held belief it would be a lot more expensive than comparable products. While a fluctuating dollar seems to have created some discrepancies from one side of the border to the other, OD1N is in line with other new spring releases, especially when you consider each set of pads comes with a set of carbon-fibre wrapped pro-level knee pads and their own bag.

Read the overview and you might just find it’s not be the only misconception about OD1N that started during the three years goalies waited for it to become public.

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    This is like reading a review of a high-end Porsche . Interesting, but only for the 1% of goalies. Everyone is still chasing CCM/Lefebvre for a reasonable pad with good features.